Jun 13, 2013

Random Thursday

Has anyone ever looked at some of the older Disney movie posters? Have you notice how some of them can seem kind of scary? Especially for a Disney movie, a children's movie.

Check out this one for Beauty and the Beast. I actually have memories of seeing this one as a kid since I saw it in theaters back then. TWICE! ;)

The beast looks kind of scary looming back there in the clouds, doesn't he? I always found this poster odd. Even as a child, because I thought, Belle and the enchanted objects/servants gang didn't hang out in the forest at any point. Plus, where did Belle get this pink and purple outfit? Strangely enough, one of our Belle Barbie dolls did come with this outfit combo! That was an extra piece, I believe it was the Be Our Guest set with a magic revolving table. *Yes I can remember pretty precisely the details of some of my toys since they were well loved!

But seriously, doesn't the Beast look creepy back there? Yeah, I get that he was a grumpy kind of guy til he met Belle, but still. This could scare a child a bit into not wanting to see one of the greatest Disney movies ever! I guess that's why later on the VHS release had the whole ballroom pose that's been used dozens of times!

The other post I think could scare children a bit is The Little Mermaid one. Although this might just be the original VHS release cover. As the movie post I am seeing as I google for this one is different.

I get Ursula looking scary. She's the villainess! Although, still, that can be freaky for a kid on a kid's movie. But even Triton looks scary! I know he was overprotective in the fatherly sense for Ariel's well being and banning her from the surface and humans are evil, so I guess because Ariel and Eric are together there, that's why he looks so p'oed? I think I was more scared of his face on the movie because I knew he was her dad and didn't get that he was so angry and reaching out to her like he might grab her or something.

Nowadays though, I've noticed the movie posters and covers are much more tamed. They are not nearly as scary or whatever now. In fact the cover art for the Blueray release of The Little Mermaid is very kiddish. I mean Ariel is wearing some bizarre accessories that she never wore before. I much prefer the 3D Blueray one, but I know I do not need to own that one, but that cover is so much prettier and simplistic.  It was actually one of the original movie posters for the theatrical release I believe. At least that's how it seems based on the google images search!


  1. That's pretty funny to me because I always thought Triton looked mean as well. I haven't noticed the posters getting less scary, but now that you have me thinking about it - I am not sure they put the 'bad' guys on the posters at all anymore, do they? Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. So true Jessica! there are a few scenes in both of the Disney shows you mentioned (as well as many others) that have both of my kids cowering.

  3. I can remember being really scared of the beast when I first watched Beauty and the Beast. I mean, I know that's the whole point of it, right? That's he's scary and mean until he meets Belle and falls in love and that it's the person underneath that really counts... but I was probably a bit young to understand all that when I first watched it lol. And I'd never noticed before how scary Triton is! That's pretty strange!


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