Jun 20, 2013

Random Thursday

Eek! I'm running out of my random thought ideas. Which is weird because there are lots of bizarre random things I could talk about, I just keep coming up blank on some of them! This is going to take some thinking...might post random videos of things for bit until the other weird thoughts come back!

Have I ever talked about my love of the Squnkie toys they have these days? I'm sure I have. But oh well! My niece has quite the collection. I personally love all the Disney ones!

Okay so I have two Squinkies and display stands that sit on my bookshelf! The first is just a Tinkerbell on a leaf. She was just too cute to pass up! The second though I HAD to have! It was in a large pack of Beauty and the Beast Squinkies and display stands and I thought I'd buy it and my niece could have the rest. This is Belle, holding a BOOK sitting on her fountain where another BOOK sits!

So yeah...I'm weird!


  1. LOL so cute! :-) Stop by my blog today, I've highlighted you for my blogoversary :-)

  2. I have never heard of Squinkies before but I can see the appeal. They're cute. :)


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