Jun 21, 2013


I'll be out of town for a long weekend, so my commenting is going to be practically null for the next few days. Going to visit my aunt in Wisconsin like I do every year. 

An escape from St. Louis heat and humidity! So nice! It's also my youngest cousin's high school graduation party! He'll be attending a university that's an hour and so drive from us, so we'll likely visit him on some weekends and hassle the newest college man of our family!

I'll be coming back on Tuesday some time, so expect regular commenting to continue on Wednesday! I'll still check in on posts and whatnot but again, commenting will be sparse. 

I have my regularly scheduled posts going up, but likely no STS because I didn't get anything prior to the weekend and no Top 5 Sundays since I won't know the final topic.

See you guys later!


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