Jun 6, 2013

Review--Back from the Undead by D.D. Barant

Vampires, lycanthropes, golems, and other creatures who make up 99% of the population--these are the characters who fill FBI profiler Jace Valcheck's days. And just when she thinks life is starting to seem "normal," Jace finds herself in a whole new world of trouble.

Another work day, another case for the Bloodhound Files. But this time, Jace is truly stumped: How is she, a mere human, supposed to penetrate the dark heart of a child-trafficking ring of pire orphans—one that turns out to be part of a blood-farm operation, in the crime-ridden border city of Vancouver, British Columbia?

Jace is in over her head. But with the help of her former lover, Tanaka—whose family is one of the last samurai clans left in Japan—she stands a chance at seeking justice for the condemned children… Until the Yakuza tries to put an end to Jace’s investigation. Jace risks more than death—this time, it’s the fate of her very soul that’s in danger...

Continuing down the line of series I haven't read in over a year is D.D. Barant's The Bloohound Files. This is a very exciting series where the heroine is sucked into another world, much like her own except that all sorts of supernatural characters rule the day and night, and humans make up about 1% of the world population. Jace was brought over from her world to this one to track down and capture or kill a serial killer known as Aristotle Stoker. The only problem is, that the sorcerer who did the spell that brought her to this world is in cahoots with Stoker and just plain has a plan of his own. 

One thing I've noticed lately in these last 3 covers--including the next one--are the wolves that surround Jace. It's odd because there are never really moments where she's in the company of so many werewolves. Granted the covers are pretty awesome now, but don't make much sense to the story.

Anyway, the case Jace works on this time in Back from the Undead, is definitely interesting. Vampire children have gone missing, they are orphans basically, on the street, but too many are disappearing and it's been noticed. Surprisingly by Stoker, our villain. Jace is going to have to work with Stoker this time around in order to uncover all the unsavory doings of the unknown villain and get the children back to their normal life. It's pretty much a given that being homeless has got to be better than being used and tormented in some dastardly way.

Much like with my last read, I have totally forgotten nearly everything that has happened previously in this series. I recalled a little bit here and there, but it's hard to leave a series untouched for awhile and then dive back in and understand all that's going on. 

But it was nice in some ways because a lot of things can be surprising. Like I nearly forgotten that Jace and Cassius got physical last time around! There wasn't much time for romance though, as before Jace takes on this case, Cassius leaves to handle one of his own and was practically non-existent for the remainder of the novel--all 200+ pages that remained. But it wasn't dreadful. I much enjoy the action scenes than the romance ones, although those are always nice when they pop up unexpectedly!

This had a nice mystery vibe going, but I think my being gone from the series and the world for so long made it harder for me to pick up on things. There's quite a bit of mythology woven into this one and it wasn't one I was familiar with. Those little things combined made it harder for me to understand the aha! moment. But I just rolled with it really!

There was lots of action in this one, Jace seems to attract the wrong kind of attention at the worst times, but it always makes for a great adventure! Charlie, the lovable golem--never thought I would type that sentence--is positively my favorite character. Made from the remains of a T-Rex, he is one tough dude! He can kick major ass when needed and he and Jace have developed quite the friendship and it's endearing all that would do for her. He's also pretty damn funny, Jace is the sarcastic, snarky type and Charlie will just surprise you with a random quip that is just too funny! He can match Jace in her sarcasm when the moment calls for it.

Looking forward to seeing how this series ends, because after the mystery part of the story was all wrapped up, D.D. throws in a whopper of a cliffhanger! Luckily I have the final book ready to go!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars


  1. I haven't heard of this series before but it sounds like one I need to check out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Tasha @ A Trillian Books xoxo

  2. How funny! I was going to comment on the cover and how neat it is and I read what you said about how there really aren't any wolves like that so they don't make sense in context. The mystery, mythology, and action sound great and would add a lot to the story. Thank you for a wonderful review! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  3. Oh I hadn't heard of this series, I don't think. Sounds like I need to look up the first book!

  4. Bloody cliffhangers!! lol It is hard to recall everything from a series when we read so much!! Sounds like an interesting series, although this one seems to lack some spice. Great review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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