Jun 6, 2013

Random Thursday

Do you ever wonder in cartoons, how old the actual cartoon character is? Yeah, weird question but I find myself with cartoons on more often than not while blogging or doing this or that in my room. Even have them on mute if I am reading at home.

Take for instance SpongeBob Squarepants. How old is he? He's in his boating school, has a job and a house. Yet he acts very childish. I want to say teenager like, but then what about the rest of his friends? And also, a teenager living on his own? So maybe college age?

Then that also kind of relates to the other cartoon shows where the characters never age! Like Rugrats or The Simpsons! They stay the same age for years and years, holidays continue to come and go and yet Lisa is still in the same grade! I get that cartoons have to have their characters ageless, but it makes you wonder some time. It's like they are stuck in some sort of time loop, where the days just keep going on endlessly and they never age. 

Of course I do give props to Rugrats for doing the whole All Grown Up version of Rugrats. Although I wasn't impressed with said cartoon show, because the Rugrats Gang are just babies to me. I did like the Rugrats episode special where we got to see what they would be like in ten years!

For that matter, The Simpsons have had their share of "futuristic" episodes where we got to see them age a bit. I found it funny though that in some of those, Maggie still never talked!


  1. Yeah, that was pretty random. LOL

    Any thoughts about....


    Dexter's Laboratory, where the little boy speaks with a rather deep Russian voice?

  2. Oh this is great! I've asked my son so many times how old Spongebob is supposed to be since he acts so incredibly young but lives alone and has a job. I would love to know his age :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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