Jun 27, 2013

Random Thursday

So have I ever shared some of my favorite Etsy shops with you guys? I love shopping on Etsy because I like finding unique jewelry there! I don't really buy from regular stores anymore! So every time I am showing you guys some jewelry piece I bought, it's from an Etsy shop!

Some of my faves are:

Space Pearls, Kayla-Marie has some really nice pieces that can be fairy tale related as well as other fantasy-ish pieces! She also has Hunger Games and Harry Potter items too!

Treasured Charms, this one is has some simple charmed necklaces but I love looking at them! There's a lot of variety too! 

Bella Lili, this one's not an Etsy shop anymore. It started as one, but now she runs her own website. I LOVE her stuff! Her pieces are just so awesome! I bought quite a lot from her back on Etsy, and I browse her shop nearly every day looking at her newest items. Her stuff is very lovely and handcrafted and are pretty unique too!

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  1. I love Etsy! Thanks for sharing some shops!


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