Jun 25, 2013

Graphic Novel Review--Soulless: The Manga Vol. 1 by Gail Carriger & Rem

The life of a spinster in Victorian London isn't an easy one on the best of days, but such a life becomes infinitely more complicated when said spinster is "soulless" - a preternatural bridging the gap between the natural and supernatural worlds. Miss Alexia Tarabotti has this unique distinction, and when she is assailed at a formal gathering by a rove vampire, an encounter that results in the death of the half-starved creature, her circumstances become exponentially more complicated indeed! Now caught up in an intrigue with life or death stakes, Alexia must rely on all her talents to outmatch the forces conspiring against her, but it may be the man who has caught her eye - Lord Conall Maccon - and their budding flirtation that truly drives her to her wit's end!

I so love the graphic novels that get based off already favorite full length novels! And Gail Carriger's Soulless: The Manga Vol. 1 is definitely pure awesomeness! The illustrator Rem did a fabulous job at bringing to life all Gail's characters and settings.

Since it's been forever since I actually read Soulless, this was a nice way to re-read it, without actually re-reading the whole novel. I recall bits and pieces of the story, so the shortened version wasn't all too new for me, I was able to remember some details and Rem and Gail put it together beautifully in this graphic novel.

This one's actually a manga, I am not very knowledgeable in this area--graphic novels, manga, comic books--to me I feel like there might be differences, I just don't know what they are. But Goodreads and pretty much all book sites call this one a manga. I remember my days of Sailor Moon and some of the expressions the characters would make at highly intense moments of some kind, and that is seen here. Whether it was anger, surprise, shock, or something more positive, it was all done wonderfully!

There were even a few pages in the beginning done in color which was fabulous! Although, I quickly got used to the black and white. I loved seeing faces to the characters I only read about before. And since it's been so long since I read the books, it was nice seeing a face that wasn't one I imagined--not that it would've been very detailed.

I thought that this one stayed pretty true to the storyline. Alexia's family is the same as always, being somewhat cruel at times. Her sisters were just annoying. Conall was so deliciously wonderful! I looooved seeing his interactions with Alexia. Which brings me to the romance. If I thought reading those scenes made me swoon, seeing them really really makes me swoon! It was done tastefully too, since we know that Alexia and Conall get very physical, we get to see that without it being totally crude.

I really loved reading this one! Stay tuned for my review of Soulless: The Manga Vol. 2!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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  1. This one looks so good!! I love that cover. Thanks for sharing.


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