Jun 7, 2013



So I was on my computer way early this morning around 1am. Yeah, I'm weird, I wake myself up early on Fridays to read some Follow Friday posts so that way when I wake up later I don't have to go through so many before I head to work. I'm weird, but it's a system that I find works nicely.

You all know I was having internet issues earlier this week and it FINALLY came back on Tuesday afternoon. So guess what happens a mere 4 hours after I was on the internet today.

Yup, it crapped out on me! I was furious! I would've started screaming and shouting obscenities but my niece and sister were still sleeping and I did not want to wake them.

But yeah, I am still fuming a bit. Like literally fuming! I just got my internet back and it suddenly decides to STOP working?! After it was working 4 hours earlier! Seriously. It was practically 4 hours to the letter. Or you know 20 minutes before but then that means it crapped out 3 hours and 40 minutes after working!!!

Basically I just needed a place to rant out my frustration, hence my post. When I get home later this afternoon I hope it will be working. For some reason I think I might need to redo EVERYTHING again in the whole setup process, but that doesn't make sense to me at all since our router name is still showing in available networks when I try to log on.

If I hadn't said it before--and I believe I have numerous times--I hate technology!


  1. That is so frustrating! I hope everything will work beautifully when you get home from work!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. I hate that you are having internet issues. They are so incredibly yell-inducing. I hope it all clears up soon! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  3. I never noticed any issues with my internet until I started spending a lot of time at my boyfriends and his is so fast that I go home and now I'm aware at how long it takes me to do anything. But at least its some access right? I feel your pain if only slightly.


  4. lol I hate it sometimes too!!! glad your back though! =D


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