Jun 30, 2013

Movie Review--Monsters University

So I went to see Monsters University today, when Mike met Sulley...

It was pretty good, not like I had been hoping it to be, but still entertaining. There were times when it was a little slow, but still a cute movie overall.

Although, I wasn't too impressed with Pixar's short clip The Blue Umbrella. *Feel free to skip this paragraph as it just sums up the short clip.* It wasn't very cartoony, expect for the umbrella's faces and some of the faces that you could see on the street that were things like a drain pipe, windows, mailbox, etc. The blue umbrella sees a red umbrella and thinks she's cute. They get separated by their owners, then the blue one gets caught up in the wind and starts getting blown all over. The street objects try to help it get to safety and then it finally ends when the blue umbrella finds the red umbrella via their owners sitting down to chat. Yeah, weird.

The movie itself was cute. It opens up with little kid Mike, who tends to be forgotten since he's so small--so sad! And how he wants to be the best "scarer" ever and work at Monsters Inc. And in order to do that he studies hard and gets into Monsters University where he attends the Scare School, so he can major in scaring and be a "scarer".

James Sullivan is also there and he's a typical jock/jerk. He gets by easily because he's big and has a nice roar. The frat houses easily take a liking to him. Mike is the nerd. He studies hard and knows all about scaring...he's just not very good at it.

After the two's rivalry gets in the way, they are expelled from Scare school and have to go to the more mundane schools at Monsters U. But then Mike has a plan to get himself back into the game and participate in the Scare Fest! If he and the OK frat house can win the competition, they can all attend the Scare school. Only thing is, he's needs Sulley to qualify.

And so begins the bonds of friendship!

Like I said, the movie had it's slow parts, but there were times that it was really cute. And funny. Mike is the go getter, he never gives up and just keeps trying even when everyone tells him he's not really scary material. There are some good lessons thrown in about working together and being nice, and of course, never giving up.

The movie just didn't have the same entertainment as the first one did. I guess because Boo was there! The little 2 year old? really kept those monsters on their toes.

There were a few recognizable characters popping in as well. And we get to see how the rivalry between Sulley and Randall starts.

Overall it was a cute movie, but just not as spectacular as the first one. But then again, what sequel ever really surpasses the first one?

Overall Rating 3.85/5 stars--very close to 4, but just not quite at that level. Still a must see for any Monsters Inc. or Disney fan!


  1. I took my kids to see this yesterday and we all loved it! I wouldn't say it was as amazing as Monsters Inc., but I thought it was an awesome sequel.

    I agree about the short clip. I didn't like it at all.

  2. OOo I want to see this movie so bad!

  3. I really want to see this one! I was worried about Boo not being in it though because she really sealed the first one for me. Too adorable :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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