Jun 9, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

Okay, internet still kind of down. It's so stupid and the people I was talking to on the phone ended up not being helpful like they were earlier this week--which obviously wasn't too helpful since the internet failed 2 days later. But I am without internet on my computer, the wireless portion is not cooperating, but my mom's computer is good to go! So I'll be borrowing hers for awhile, but may not be visiting you all at my normal time. ;)
This week was a pretty good week for book getting! And I got some extras too!

I decided to buy this one since it had been getting good reviews! Plus Sam's had it for $10.88 and at a hardcover price that's just freaking amazing and hard to pass up!

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Then I decided to buy Warm Bodies in both book and DVD format since I started getting curious about it. So I thought I'd read it and if I liked it, I'd open up the DVD and watch it!

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Warm Bodies DVD

And geek that I am, I did buy the book with this cover vs the movie cover. I tend to do that, because as well all know: the book was better.

Then I bought:
Darkness Unmasked by Keri Arthur

Then these two came in the mail, I already read them as e-ARCs but needed my keeper copies:

Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards
Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead

And I finally went to B-A-M and bought this bookmark I've been dying to own:

And finally I spent too much money on my credit card again--although it is currently paid off--and got me one of these:

One of the perks of having the B&N Mastercard is that after 2500 points, you automatically get one of these guys! And since my dear Borders is long gone, I had to choose B&N or BAM and B&N was the closest to me.

And so that was my week! What did you get?


  1. Really nice haul. I should just get The 5th Wave and see what the fuss is all about lol happy reading :)



  2. great books, enjoy and happy reading! I need to read more books in the Keri Arthur series.

  3. I just read and loved Phoenix and hope you do too.

  4. Great haul! I'm really looking forward to Gameboard of the Gods, so I hope you enjoy that one!

  5. The 5th Wave... oh, how I love that book. I listened to it on audio, and then loved it so much that I had to have a copy for my shelf as well!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

  6. Great Haul! I'm seeing The 5th Wave everywhere! Guess I need to read that one. I LOVED the book Warm Bodies! I thought the movie was cheesy but not bad. I can't wait to read Gameboard of the Gods!
    Happy reading :)

  7. Wooo! 5th Wave! I really need to hurry up and buy that one. I've been waiting forever for it! I saw Warm Bodies at the movies with a friend who read the book. It was alright, but I think I need to read it!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  8. I've been wanting to see Warm Bodies. I don't know about read it though.


  9. OMG! Soft Kitty, I love TBBT :) You had a great haul, I love Warm Bodies (book and movie), Gameboard Of The Gods, and The 5th Wave. Enjoy :) Happy Sunday!
    -Scott Reads It!

  10. Nice assortment of books. I have The 5th Wave on my stack and just got Gameboard of the Gods. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy reading!

  11. Awesome haul. The Fifth Wave looks excellent. It's been getting wonderful reviews. Phoenix was good. I still have to wait to get my keeper copy. Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Returning the favor.

  12. I can't wait to read The Fifth Wave. I saw the Warm Bodies movie and enjoyed it, and bought the book, but haven't read it yet. I love the bookmark too! I just bought one that has a picture of Sheldon and it says "That's My Spot".
    Check out my STS

  13. I love that cute bookmark, Jessica! Hope your Internet will be sorted pretty soon. It's torture when you want to do something online and can't. I haven't read Warm Bodies but I watched the movie and really enjoyed it. I though it was very well done and funny as well. Enjoy all your reads!

  14. I love earning my B&N gift cards and woot what a deal on 5th Wave, I loved it. Warm Bodies is on my list both the book and movie..LOL Have an awesome week and enjoy all your new lovelies! The Sunday Post

  15. Warm Bodies was such a good book. I absolutely loved it because it was a funny zombie book. I really liked the movie as well. I actually saw it twice in theaters! I hope you enjoy everything that you've gotten. :)

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  16. Great haul, with you getting keeper copy of the new Richelle Mead book must mean that it was a great book must get around to reading it. Hope you enjoy your new reads :)

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  18. Nice haul this weeek! And I am so jealous you have a B&N master card! Everybody thinks it would be a terrible idea for me to get one... they're probably right lmao.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

  19. Great haul! I heard so many things about the 5th Wave and Gameboard of the Gods. Hope you enjoy them!

    My StS: http://mycrazybookobsession.blogspot.se/2013/06/stacking-shelves-34.html

  20. haha love the bookmark! Makes me think of Sheldon when he is sick! LOL I also got The 5th Wave and Gameboard of the Gods and can't wait to try them. Warm Bodies was good but I haven't seen the movie yet. Hope to watch it soon. It seems very different form the book. THe movie looks like it is trying to be a comedy yet I found the book much more disturbing than funny. It was unique though and interesting. Hope you enjoy everything! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Another awesome haul, girl! Love the bookmark!!

    Thanx for visiting my StS and Sunday Post!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  22. What a cute bookmark! I hope to be watching Warm Bodies this week and I really want to read the book before the month is out as well. I hope you enjoy your haul and all your internet problems get smoothed out! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  23. I enjoyed the movie, and I'm finding the book a little racier, but still very good :)

  24. I need to watch Warm Bodies again! Enjoy all your books :)

    Sugar & Snark's STS

  25. I got The 5th Wave recently as well, and I'm *hoping* it lives up to all the hype! I've heard that people either love it or hate it. I hope we both love it!

    I'm still debating on Gameboard of the Gods. Richelle Mead tends to be hit and miss for me - HATED Vampire Academy, but LOVE Bloodlines. Weird, I know!

    Enjoy your books!

  26. I forgot again.


    Whenever I forget (not TOO often, right?), I always remember on Wednesday, because of the WoW meme!

    Anyway. I can't wait to read The 5th Wave! It seems to be catching everyone's attention, so I'll bite. I've had an ARC of Phoenix for a while, but I haven't even read Black City! Yikes!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! And I'm sorry I forgot to comment on Sunday!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  27. I have been wanting to read Phoenix and Game Board of the Gods!!

    Lucky you!

    Here's what I got this week!



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