Sep 9, 2013

Depressive Rambling...

So I've been looking forward to this signing with Tara Hudson, Myra McEntire, Tessa Gratton, and Sonia Gensler for nearly a month!

When I saw in early August Tara posting the mini tour she and the others were partaking in, I was elated to see St. Louis on there.

But for the better part of a month from the posting day to when the signing was due, there was no location and finally in the days leading to the signing a location had been settled on! Making me look forward to the weekend all the more!

Then Sunday afternoon, I was checking my email before I got ready to go and be early, and I saw an email from Sonia writing for Tara. The signing had been cancelled. My heart stopped, the first signing to come to St. Louis all year, cancelled.

But then, she said that Tara--and I assumed the rest of the lovely authors--were going to meet with readers near the Gateway Arch! I was elated for all of a milli-second, until I read "at 1pm"--it was nearly 2pm when I was reading the email. I was near tears that I had missed the impromptu hangout!

So I was kind of mopey for the remainder of the day and yeah, still kind of am this morning. Just needed to vent a bit more. It's not so much that I am mad, I'm really more devastated. I just wish that, for one, I checked my email around 11am when the email was sent, and two, that this impromptu hangout could've happened closer to the same time the signing was scheduled, or at least an hour before it. That way, I could've made it. Downtown itself is about a thirty minute or so drive for me, so I wouldn't have made it even had I left an hour late. 

Oh well. I highly doubt I will be attending any signings this year since the year is almost over and not many more authors do book tours this late in the year. I can only hope that maybe in 2014 an author or two might grace my "desolated" city with their presence!

End of depressive rambling.


  1. Awww, sorry you missed the signing! I would be upset too, I would love to meet Tara Hudson, and all the rest as well. :/

  2. Sorry, Jessica. That sucks. Did they say why it was cancelled? There are rarely any author signings in my area either so I feel your pain.

    Cat @ Addicted 2 Heroines

  3. That's awful! Take the rest of the day to be mopey. We understand.

  4. Awww..... that is so disappointing!! You are allowed to vent!! I can never get to signings because I live so far away from the big cities here in Aus, so I understand. Fingers crossed for next time!!

  5. Awww, that's awful *hugs you* I'm sorry this happened. You can be mopey all you want!

  6. So the signing was canceled but the authors were still in town and "met" people in a lobby? That doesn't even make sense!!! Sorry for you!


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