Sep 19, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay, so you all might know from previous posts that I have a Disney desk Calendar. Now lately, some of the Bambi pictures have been bothering me.

Why, you ask? Because whoever is helping to design/write these factoids and whatever are not real knowledgeable on their Disney trivia.

This is clearly Bambi 2! I've never even seen this movie in particular but the coloring and animation drawing clearly isn't the early Bambi. Plus, Bambi didn't see his dad like this as a fawn or baby deer...not sure if there's a correct term for boy baby deer vs girl baby deer.

So that's just my little beef to pick with the calendar peeps. I still love it and will still buy the 2014 desk calendar, but dude! Seriously, they need someone like me on staff so that the Disney factoids regarding the movie plot and the easy things like that are correct!


  1. Funny isn't it? Bambi is the one Disney film must see and yet I too have not seen it :)

  2. I have seen the movie. Quite a long time ago and I really don't remember much except for the sad and the end.


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