Sep 10, 2013

More Bad News...

So to add onto my already horrific week, my internet is down. Again.

All weekend long, my connection was spotty. Sometimes I could get on, other times not. Left it alone for a few hours and it came back! Well not this time.

Seems our phone line is down, and while we have DSL, I noticed it still goes into a phone jack. I am hoping that that is the case. Meaning, once I can get a hold of AT&T and hopefully have them come out and fix the box or whatever, the phone line will work and we can have telephones again as well as having internet!

So in the meantime I have to check emails on my cell which isn't always easy. Especially in regards to replying and visiting blogs via email subscription.

I might not be as activate in the coming days. I have posts set to go live on their set dates and whatnot and have a computer I can use sometimes, but not all the time, but it's connection availability and where I can visit is limited. So I will try to do my best to stay my usual blogging active self, but I have limits.

And as you might know, I am addicted to blogging. Like a freaking hardcore addict! Even regards to being on the internet as well checking out other things, so my withdrawal period isn't going to be pleasant either.

This is starting off to be one cruddy week.


  1. Oh no! I hope it will be sorted out quickly, Jessica! And I hope the rest of your week will be awesome :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. I know how ya feel. our net was horrible about a month into blogging. I couldn't do anything. but thankfully they finally got it fixed! I'll be thinking of ya till ya can come back fully!

    Amber@Paradise of Pages

  3. Oh no! I hope everything gets worked out soon!

    Katy @ a blighted one

  4. Noooooooo!! My bad luck has rubbed off on you... I wouldn't wish this suckiness on anyone. I'm STILL depending on my phone to play on the internet. It's too much work to blog with my phone, so I had to stop; and messing with my blogs FB page with it is harder that one would think. I can post updates but I can't check th "home" page or emails! This suuuuuuucks! Hopefully your problem gets fixed soon, and doesn't drag on as long as mine has.


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