Sep 13, 2013

I'm Going Absolutely Crazy!! there's still no internet at my house. Not sure how long that will last. We are looking into new providers for our internet. And it's a bit slow-going for me!

Really, really hoping that we get something settled next week, but it's still spotty. So again, I have to apologize for my absence. I am using public computers when I can, but I cannot access email. So that means to all blogs I follow via email subscription, I cannot visit. I don't have blog sites memorized like I used to in the beginning when I only followed so many. Now I probably follow over a thousand since I have over a thousand followers!

Weekend posts...yeah...those might be late. I am going to try to go to a wifi spot on Sunday morning so I can do my STS and Top 5 Sundays posts and get my other posts for the weekly memes situated. And then I really really hope, for my own sanity, that somewhere in that week, we'll get internet installed! 

I think I'd rather have my internet working properly than our satellite dish. I mean, I spend more time on the internet than watching TV. Of course, the fall 2013 season is almost upon us. My opinion on that might change next week, but the internet does tend to have those episodes on their yeah, I think I'd rather have my internet.

So the short of the post: 

  • Internet still down for unforeseeable future...praying it's not long!
  • I cannot visit all blogs due to limited access and no email. :(
  • Sunday posts will be up late as I hope to get to a wifi spot in the morning!


  1. Hope you get everything sorted out soon. A few hours without internet kilos me. Can't imagine a week or more!

  2. Hope you get everything sorted out soon. A few hours without internet kilos me. Can't imagine a week or more!

  3. O.O *small squeaky voice* No internet?

  4. Good luck getting your internet back up and running - I had mine go down for about 5 days a few months ago and it was torture! Amazing that we ever went without it, huh?

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  6. I know it is silly but when I moved I didn't have internet for three days and I was going mad! :')

    My new blog :) my previous one was Alex's Bookish blog :)

  7. I feel like I depend way to much on internat for everything! But don't worry about not posting!! This happens to everyone!! Hope you get a great new Internet provider!! :-)

  8. Ugh, that sounds stressful! Hope you get it worked out soon, Jessica!

    Sabrina @ I Heart Y.A. Fiction

  9. I hope it's up soon, Internet down makes me go crazy too!


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