Sep 12, 2013

Random Thursday

Time for a mini-rant post!

So here's the thing. I have an Amazon account, like many people. I get emails occasionally and the one that annoys me the most is the New Releases for You email. 

To me, a New Release means it's a book that just released and is, hence, NEW! When I open said email I find a book that I do in fact want, but the book won't be released until another month or two!

What the freak?! I get things about advertising and what not. They want me to preorder the book with them. But couldn't they say an Upcoming Release for You instead? I mean a New Release is one that's new and is available to buy in the here and now. Right? Right!

End of rant! See it was even a short one compared to my other rants! ;)


  1. LOL- You know I hardly noticed. :)

  2. I agree. Dont get our hopes up then make us wait. we are very impatient when it comes to books!

  3. So true! I get them all the time. They are looking to tie up your money with pre-order.
    Also, I hate when I click on a book listed on their site, see that it doesn't appeal to me at all, and then suddenly books by that author or very similar to the topic keep popping up all over the page. I don't want to see what they think I want to be shown; I want to be shown what is honestly trending by other folks or the bestsellers in a genre to get ideas.

  4. That is very true. I understand if the item is coming out within a week, therefore perhaps just allowing time for shipping, but if I cannot have it withing a week or so, I hate seeing it say new just to have to wait even longer. Especially since I am now paying closer attention to the days, making them seem slower.

  5. I really hate Amazon emails period. The books are never a fit for me and I get too many.

  6. I couldn't agree more! Amazon emails tend to be way off the mark. I was signed up for their daily deals for a while, but then I realized I was missing most the really good deals and some of the books they featured weren't really any cheaper than usual. So annoying!


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