Sep 26, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay, it's time for another beef to pick with the Disney Calendar! Seriously, these writers don't know their Disney movies as well as I do apparently!
Sorry for the crookedness, apparently it moved after I placed it in my scanner...which  is slow.

Here we have Pascal making the fangs  next to the picture of a ruffian with fangs. This was upon discovery of Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzhurbert, when he took refuge in Rapunzel's tower. It says here that Pascal draws the picture which is soooo not true! Mother Gothel drew it during her big number, Mother Knows Best!

Seriously, Disney Calendar people need to hire me for this job!

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree with the comment! I love Tangled and I totally remembered that. Thanks for sharing (and if I could, I'd totally recommend you for the Disney Calendar job) :)


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