Dec 13, 2021

Back to the Future Tag


I came across yet another tag last week that looked like a lot of fun, so I had to do it! This one I found at The Book Critter and I also borrowed the image from Anna's post. The original post came from Getting Through Anxiety.

Name a movie/book/show that makes you want to go back in time when you were younger and enjoy it all over again.

Naturally, I have to go with my first love, Demon in My View! I'd love to go back and fall in love for the first time all over again!
What’s your favorite sci-fi and or fantasy book/show/movie?

Such a hard question! Lol. So I chose a fantasy book and naturally it's from the Caraval series! I went with Legendary as Tella is my favorite and I adored her book!
What’s a moment in a book that takes place in the past or future that you’d like to visit?

For this I went futuristic and went with The Lunar Chronicles world! True, things are bad in the future, but the day is saved eventually! I went with Cress as I just loved her! I related to her on the whole seclusive life since I'm kind of people-shy, yet sadly, I'm not tech at all! 

What’s a fictional store, cafe, etc. in a book/show/movie you’d like to visit?

The first restaurant that came to mind for me was Pizza Piscary's from Kim Harrison's Hollows series. We eventually learn Piscary himself is not so nice, but he did have the best pizza around!
Name an automobile or way of travel in a book/show/movie that you’d like to take for a ride. What book/show/movie is it from?

Broomstick of course!
Favorite fictional scientist?
Honestly, none came to mind. The one or two that briefly flickered through were not so nice people that I didn't care for anyway! Soooo yeah...



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