Dec 30, 2021

Random Thursday


Continuing our trip through Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t, we will learn more about the wild world of sports. Today will mostly be football related facts, plus one baseball!

(image borrowed from The Denver Post)

Between 1982 and 1998, Cal Ripken, Jr didn't miss a single Baltimore Orioles game. He had a record of 2,632 consecutive games and it still stands today and no one has yet to break it.

(image borrowed from ESPN)

The New England Patriots is the only team to score 3 touchdowns in under 1 minute, and they did it twice! Mark Sanchez was in the second run and has a famous "butt fumble" that was returned for a touchdown.

(image borrowed from Biography)

Walter Payton once caught a touchdown pass, threw a touchdown pass, and ran for a touchdown all in the same game. The only other player to accomplish this was David Patten from the Patriots (as of the printing of this book in 2017).



(image borrowed from USA Today)

During WWII, so many NFL players were fighting in the war that rival teams Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily teamed up to form the team, Steagles.

(image borrowed from SBNation)

When Brad Johnson was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, he once threw a touchdown pass to himself. The pass batted at the line of scrimmage and came straight back to him. He caught it and ran into the end zone with it. This was the only time in NFL history that a player threw a touchdown pass to himself.

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