Dec 29, 2021

Mini Review--Harry Potter: The Creature Vault by Jody Revenson


Dementors and House-elves, merpeople and Chinese Fireball Dragons—these are just a few of the magical creatures and frightening monsters populating J. K. Rowling's wizarding world. Harry Potter: The Creature Vault is a fascinating look at how this menagerie was brought to life for the blockbuster Harry Potter film series. Detailed profiles of each creature include rare concept illustrations, behind-the-scenes photography, and filmmaking secrets from the Warner Bros. archive. A removable poster picturing each of the creatures and an interactive Eeylops Owl Emporium catalog complete this must-have package.





So I managed another 1-day read with Jody Revenson’s Harry Potter: The Creature Vault. I got this one a few years ago as well thinking I’d be getting a detailed encyclopedia on all the creatures from the series. But alas, that is not what this book is about.

Sadly, this book was more of a cinematography book where you get to learn how the filmmakers created the creatures from the books for the film versions. 

I mean in some sense it was interesting learning how much was computerized and what was done in other ways such as live animals or a person maybe hiding in the helms. Not that that happened much. 

I guess I was thinking this book would be more on the fantasy level where it’s essentially one of Harry’s textbooks or something like that. I thought it would be interesting to actually learn a little more to the creatures in this world. What I got was the complete opposite. 

So if you’re into the behind-the-scenes of movie-making you might find this one more enjoyable than I did. If you are like me and wanting more knowledge about hippogriffs and dementors, you might want to pass on this. 

Overall Rating 1.5/5 stars



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