Dec 29, 2021

Mini Review--The Pressed Fairy Journal of Madeline Cottington by Brian and Wendy Froud


Renowned artist/author duo Brian and Wendy Froud present, for the first time, the backstory of Cottington Hall and its intriguing inhabitants: the Cottington family and the faeries living among them. The rise and fall of this eccentric British family gives us humorous, and sometimes tragic, glimpses into how the Cottingtons became inexorably entwined with the faeries during the late 19th and 20th centuries. When a descendant, Maddi, visits the Cottingtons’s dilapidated hall, she finds herself caught up in a story of intrigue and mystery. While reading the letters and journals of her ancestors and discovering a wealth of inventions aimed at allowing humans to visit the fairy realm unharmed, Maddi slowly becomes aware of the faeries and their world.






Many years ago I read Lady Cottintton’s Book of Pressed Fairies and I’m only now discovering that more books were added to the collection. I had a journal that was mentioned but sometime ago I found The Pressed Fairy Journal of Madeline Cottington by Brian and Wendy Froud and learned the legend continues!

Obviously you don’t have to read the older books, I’m struggling to track one of them down myself. This journal is of Madeline Cottington, some many years descendant of the original Lady Cottington. Madeline and her family suddenly move to England for her father’s work. Madeline has always seen flits of light and color but coming to England these strange occurrences happen even more. 

Madeline begins to uncover quite the family history and it involves fairies. When her father refuses to acknowledge Madeline’s questions and claims she ventures out on her own and finds a piece of her family history in Cottington manor where she finds several journal entries of Quentin and Angelica Cottington. 

Like previous journals you’ll find in here many a pressed fairy. The illustrations in this book were quite beautiful, if a little odd. As there are actual fairies pressed into the book and you can see their juicy imprints! Lol. There are also other pictures and journal entries that have been added into Madeline’s journal. 

The entries end with quite a cliffhanger in a sense as something telling us about to happen just after Madeline learns some dire information. While I wouldn’t say we are out on a limb with the anticipation, one does still wonder what happened next.  This book is from 2016 and I haven’t really found anything newer from the authors. 

This is a short little read but it’s a lot of fun! Definitely for a fan of fairies and all the mysteries and mischief that they hold. 

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



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