Jan 19, 2012

Andrea Cremer Signing

Last night I went to my library to see Andrea Cremer! I was so freaking happy to see that she was coming to dull St. Louis for her tour for Bloodrose! It was a very fun signing! A pretty typical one. Andrea talked a little bit then did Q&A! It was very enlightening. Got a little more pep talk for myself regarding finding an agent and all that. And how tough the publishing world is. I like hearing about authors' journeys to publication. It gives me some hope!

And since she just has the 3 books out so far, I was able to get all of them signed! Even got an extra one that I plan to giveaway very soon. So if you're looking to start the Nightshade trilogy or just want a piece of the holy grail of all booklovers (a SIGNED copy) then stick around, cause I'll be doing that shortly!

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