Jan 12, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay so today I have a mini rant, that isn't necessarily one out of total anger. Something I noticed over the holidays while watching TV--and I notice this when it's not the holidays too, just there were more commercials this past holiday season--is the commercials to prevent animal abuse.

OMG. Can the commercials make you cry any harder?! I have 2 dogs and granted they drive me nuts, which doesn't make me the best animal lover, but I still love animals. I just don't want to be their owner too much! Our dogs are half Husky and all ATTITUDE! So yes they drive me crazy and make me not want to have a pet of my own when I move out.

Regardless, seeing these commercials makes me want to cry like a freaking baby! They're always showing the dogs and kitties hurt and abandoned and locked behind cages/fences. It's pure cruelty! Which I so know it the point, because they're trying to get you to donate and help stop this, or really help the animals they rescue.

It also kills me that there are these organizations that constantly ask for money. And I do get it, they need help funding. But it's like they try to guilt trip you into donating money monthly. And the economy is still crap. It's hard to shell out money every month, especially decent chunks, like $20 or something. That adds up! Even $10 or $5! I personally don't mind donating every now and then when extra cash comes along, but every month?

And then it really hurts when they show dogs and cats like this:

Especially with dogs. They have this almost naturally sad look! It's the wrinkles I know, but still, when they show this and they have Sarah McLachlan's one song playing that always makes you want to cry. Can't recall its name right now and am so grateful for that!

But yes, this is something that bugs me. Yet I know it's for a good cause and all that. Even with the rough economy and all. I still do not like it because I do not like seeing animals being abused or neglected. It's just so wrong.

So I had to get this little rant off my chest since it was weighing heavily during the holiday season. And sorry the post ran a little long! I try to make these short, yet when I get fired up on a topic it's hard to stop!

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