Jan 21, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW--Underworld: Awakening

So today I saw Underworld: Awakening and it was wicked awesome!! So to shortly explain the story, Selene and Michael now have a new enemy a short time after the war between lycans and vampires ended when the last of the elder vampires died, and that of course is humans. So we see them trying to get out of the city--guessing the US somewhere--while lycans and other vampires are being killed by humans. But naturally things go awry.

There's an explosion and when Selene wakes up it is to find Michael gone and she was encased in frozen ice. She's having weird visions every now and then and not sure what is going on. Well it turns out it's been 12 years or so later. The battle with humans and lycans and vamps is over with humans winning. But vamps and lycans are still about in hiding.

So as we learn very very quickly, Selene had a child with Michael--it's not explained, but I believe the medical group that was holding her and her daughter hostage enabled the birth or something like that--and her daughter sets her free and they are on the run and all.

Not wanting to do a play by play review I'll cut myself off on that front. It basically comes down to Selene needing to protect her daughter. It is believed that Michael is dead or being held hostage at the medical group place which has its own secret which I won't tell. But they basically want to use and destroy Eve--Selene's daughter.

And along the way they meet with another clan or group of vampires that has been in hiding and among them is the oh-so-sexy David! He wants to help Selene in her mission to protect her daughter, for his father--the leader of their coven or whatever--doesn't ever want to help out anyone, because they live in fear.

It was a tremendous movie! Of course at the end I was like are you kidding me?! It has a semi-cliffhanger and it kinda left me outraged, because I am a little scared that this was the last movie. I will have to start doing some digging since I originally heard about this movie when the third one came out, but I have to know if there will be a 5th one. Yes, it might be pushing it, but with the way this left off, there's no way I can tolerate that being The End! It's just not acceptable.

I also originally thought that Michael wasn't going to be in this due to some online research and not being able to find Scott Speedman listed. Although Michael was there occasionally, like in the very very beginning but had no lines and I never did get a good look at him, he wasn't listed in the credits that I could see. And since it had been 6 years since the last movie he was in, time might have aged him a bit.

But this was a helluva great movie! If you've liked the previous ones, you'll love this! Same kind of killer action and fight scenes--totally glad I did not see it in 3D, don't think I want 3D blood flying at me! But it was stellar!

And also I still have to say how much I now love Theo James! Looked up him up online at IMDB by his character David, and OMG, I am in love! And we're so meant to be together! He's just 3 years older than me and his birthday is DECEMBER 16th!! How freaking awesome is that! We have the same bday! So yeah, I really want to marry this guy now!! ;)

And he's born in England, so he has that sexy accent as well! I mean seriously, how perfect is it that he's not too old or too young and we have the SAME birthday! So in love....

Overall movie rating 5/5 stars


  1. I am very excited about this! I have no idea when I'll get a chance to see it, but I'm ready to drive a long way, if necessary.

    Thanks for the review, Jessica. :)

  2. I really want to see this now! I had been a little worried about this installment, but you just put me at ease:)

  3. I got to check the movie out today and it ROCKED MY FACE OFF! I love this movie franchise something fierce and like you hope there's another one in the pipeline. They definitely left it open for one.


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