Jan 24, 2012

Review--Vampires Dead Ahead by Cheyenne McCray

In the acclaimed Night Tracker series by New York Times bestselling author Cheyenne McCray, the vampires are back to make a brand new start of it—in old New York…

With zero tolerance for bloodsuckers, Nyx and the Trackers have made the streets safer for warm-blooded New Yorkers. Unfortunately, they didn’t drive a stake through the problem nationwide. Vampire attacks are on the rise. Proctors are dropping like flies. And Volod—New York’s ousted Master Vampire—is trying to make a comeback…

Nyx is worried—about her city, her job, and her neck. But mostly she’s concerned about her former lover, Rod├ín, a Proctor who’s gone missing. Scarier still, Volod is capturing and “turning” paranorms to help him paint the town red. Which sucks. Because some of these new vampires are Nyx’s old friends. But hey—if she can stake them here, she’ll stake them anywhere…

Cheyenne McCray's Vampires Dead Ahead was extraordinary! I don't know if this is supposed to be the final Night Trackers Novel or not, I suppose it could go both ways since I haven't found anything out yet on the author's website. Moving on...

This was beyond great! Probably the best Night Trackers Novel ever, truly epic! Nyx is trying to get back to normal after the Zombie attack, it was probably the worst case she ever worked with her dislike of Zombies, but soon that case will look like a piece of cake compared to what is being thrown at her next. Paranorms are being turned into vampires. And not just any paranorms, powerful ones. 

Nyx definitely has had a lot of turmoil and hard times in this series, loss of friends, boyfriend and so much more. And it doesn't seem to stop. With every case comes challenges and difficulties, but how Nyx is able to keep moving on, keep moving forward while these things happens, speaks a lot about her character. She is strong. And I admire that about her.

When someone close to Nyx is taken, things go into high danger mode. She will do anything to get Rodan back. Not only is he her former lover, but he is still a great friend. But Volod is out to get Nyx, truly. He despises her along with all other Paranorms and naturally he wants to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! And even though Nyx is walking around with a target on her back, she is still in the thick of things, trying to save the world she loves.

With terrific pacing and a nice dose of romantic scenes, and a touch of scenes to cry over, this book has it all! It has a great balance of all things one expects from a UF novel. Just when you think Nyx and her friends might be getting one step ahead of Volod, they are proven incorrect. That's how exciting this book gets!! I was hooked from the beginning and the ending was fast paced, yet at every turn there is another surprise waiting, be it good or bad!

Overall rating 5/5 stars

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  1. I haven't heard of this series before but it sounds amazing! Think I'll be adding a few more books to my TBR pile ;)


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