Jan 26, 2012

Random Thursday

So apparently it's that time of year again. You might be thinking...what time? Xmas is over, V-day (abysmal holiday) is still a ways off. Guess it yet?

It's the time when Girl Scouts start selling their cookies! As a former Girl Scout I hated selling them at this time because you know it's cold and icky out. **Raining right now as I write this** And sometimes people do say "no thanks". Talk about willpower.

This year, as well as last year...maybe the one before that too. I will still be saying no thanks. Why you ask? Because the Girl Scouts head honchos or whoever have taken away EVERY single cookie I've ever liked!

Way back in the beginning there was a vanilla sandwich cookie, as well as a lemon one. I liked the vanilla. It's gone.

Sometime late I remember having the Apple Cinnamon cookie. It was apple shaped and a cinnamon-applely kinda cookie with sugar crystals on it, or maybe they were cinnamon crystals. I can't remember, only that I loved it. It's gone.

Then maybe it was 2 years ago or a little more, but not much. They have a sugar free brownie cookie! OMG, I loved that cookie! I remember buying boxes and boxes of it when the Girl Scouts sold them outside grocery stores. It's gone. 

I think it was last year they had the sugar free chocolate chip cookie and that one wasn't too bad either. It's gone.

It seems like every single time I fall for the new cookie, it's gone next year. I guess they were just the "star" cookie of the year or something else, but it gets so tiring to enjoy a cookie that comes only once a year, only to have it taken away from you the next time around. I don't really care for any of the other flavors. I'm picky I know. I really just prefer homemade cookies but do like the occasional "brand" cookie. But I digress. So really when it comes to this time a year, I get sad, because I no longer have a fave Girl Scout cookie that has last.

What about you? Does anyone else remember or love any of these cookies that are in the past? Or is your fave Girl Scout cookie still available. Or do you even like Girl Scout cookies?


  1. We don't have girl scout cookies over here in the UK but I can feel your pain with them changing every year. The apple/cinnamon one sounds yummy!

    I hope you manage to find another nice flavour this year :)

  2. I'm actually looking forward to hunting down some Girl Scouts because I am in serious need of Thin Mints and Lemonades (which I believe they still have). But I know what you mean about certain cookies being discontinued for whatever reason they deem for removing them. Go figure. I'm sorry you don't like any of the other cookies, though it's rare to find anyone who doens't like the Thin Mints.


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