Jan 31, 2012


Okay, I have to have a mini rant right now. Was going to do this earlier but I was working and didn't want to be doing blog posts at the time!

Anyway, today I have on my calendar of releases that Moonrise by Ivy Devlin releases today! Yesterday I even saw on B&N's website that I could preorder it for like $10 something, but at the time I was busy and didn't place the order. I go there today to see if it might be in stores, but then remember there isn't a store inventory check, but I couldn't find the book!

It took a little digging and I am still not sure of the results. It might be coming out next year on January 31, but not today. But then I could still order it and it would ship in 1-3 weeks...but I don't know for sure! No one had clear answers and it bugs me because yesterday there was clear answers. Websites told it releases January 31, 2012. Yet I don't know. I think I might have to call the stores or something.

By chance does anyone else know what's up? I know Low Red Moon wasn't a fave of some bloggers, but I liked it and wanted to read the sequel that has been a long time coming from its 2010 release. Yet I can't find it! Do I really have to wait til 2013?!


  1. Goodreads says 2013, but original publication was supposed to be 2012. That's crazy to push it back a whole year!

  2. Hmm... Well, WorldCat turns up two copies: one at the Library of Congress, the other at the LA Public Library. However, closer examination reveals that neither has the actual book: LoCs record is based on prepub info from the publisher, and the link to the record at LAPL is broken. Meanwhile, my local library system has never heard of the book, and Ms. Devlin's blog hasn't been updated since 2010. (Said blog is really lame, too. The kind that goes up when an author hears that blogging will help increase her sales but doesn't understand how it'll do so. Carrie Vaughn called this "cargo cult" behavior, I think.)

    Neither B&N nor Amazon has any evidence of it, either. Most damningly, LRM's publisher doesn't have it in their online display.

    For whatever reason, it looks like the book's not out. Sorry. But check your library's catalog in a week or so, just in case.

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