Jan 5, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay, so you all know, or might know, that I love Disney movies! One of my recent faves was Tangled! I loved it! Having heard for awhile Disney was going to do a Rapunzel movie and hearing possible storylines for ages--one that included a version of the movie being half animated and half real starring two teens from the real world who get sucked into the fairy tale land--I was really anxious to see what Disney ended up doing.

And OMG how I loved it! It was funny and had a lot of Disney-isms! Singing princess, animal friends, she even had a spinning wheel in her tower--something I related to Sleeping Beauty. There were other little things like that that I noticed and related to other Disney movies too.

My fave character though was Maximus! He was the horse who was set to find Flynn Rider or Eugene Fitzherbet, and he soooo reminded me of one of our dogs! Our dog is even white too! Just Maximus' attitude, the way he gave those looks and things he did--like sniffing the ground--were so dog like! I loved that horse!

And next week, when Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters on the Big screen and in 3D, there's going to be a Tangled short! And it involves Maximus!! They don't show much, just that it's called Tangled Ever After or something like that. And Maximus and Pascal are in it. And at some point for some unknown reason Maximus gets a little "makeover". I sooooo want to see it now! And plus I totally love Beauty and the Beast as well! I am so like Belle!!

I don't want to create a super long post now, so I'll cut myself off. But yeah, just had to spread some Maximus love! Has anyone else seen Tangled yet? It's incredible! Totally a must see for all Disney fans! What are some of your favorite Disney movies? Or childhood movies if you aren't into Disney movies.

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  1. I loved Tangled and Beauty and the Beast. Now I know there's a Tangled short I'll definitely have to see B&tB in the theatre. Thanks!


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