Jan 19, 2012

Random Thursday

Remember Barbie, the girl who could do it all. And all that whatnot? Of course you do. At least I hope so. Anyways my niece is now getting into Barbies, still a little brutal to some of her dolls, but she's 3. It's likely to happen.

But I was looking at some of her Barbies and was noticing how totally trampy Barbie is looking these days! I mean I know Barbie has to look gorgeous and all but seriously!

I mean take a look at this one. I initially bought it for her, but I was really buying her a 4 piece room set for her Barbie house. But this Barbie is wearing short-shorts and a halter top. I mean sure she's cute, but looking at her as a 24 year old adult, she looks like a s**t. And little girls play with these things. Heck I did as a kid too. But like I said, they were so much different back then.

Take a look at this one:

Nothing too bad right? She's wearing a cute little sundress and strappy pink heels. The only bad part about this Barbie is that she's Teacher Barbie! She looks like she's about to go on a date, but nooooo, she's going to teach little kids! I mean the teacher Barbie I had, wore a dress, but it was long sleeved and a billowy skirt with 1,2,3 and A,B,C's all over it. So it's cutesy. Appropriate for teaching little kids! But this one just blew my mind! If she was just Barbie, or Date Night Barbie, she would be okay. But thinking that she's a teacher, looking like that?!

Yeah, I know this is Barbie. She's meant to look stylish and all that. But still. I think Barbie can be a little inappropriate these days. Changing times I guess. Heck, they just brought back her sisters and Ken not that long ago. Except of course, Kelly is no more. Instead there's Chelsea. 

So if you played with Barbie dolls as kid, what did they look like? Do you think maybe they were a little too "much" for someone your age? I don't have anything against Barbie, except for you know, her setting impossible body standards for young girls everywhere. So why can't Barbie be just a little practical? I know Barbie has to be glamorous, but can't she at least wear job appropriate attire?

Rant over! :)


  1. Yes!!! Yes!!! I've been mentally ranting about these things for a while now. I mean, Barbie was a totally different thing when I was a kid (I'm also 24 yo, btw xDD). Sure, Barbies in my country were probably different from the ones in other places, I noticed they're different depending on which country you get them from, plus they surely made an appearance way later then in other places, but anyways...
    My Barbies, aside setting up those impossible standards you mentioned, were dressed like princesses a lot, I mean with these ball gowns, or they were theme-appropriate with outfits to boot. Like street style Barbie was dressed in these fun colorful clothes, imprinted pants and funky tops and had a fun hat or sunglasses maybe; or they were doctor Barbie, with a decent coat on the stethoscope and maybe a bonnet with a red cross on it and all, or beach Barbie had on a skirt and a top, but she was beach Barbie and showed less skin then your first image here, lol.

    And one of the cool things was to buy them outfits, we're talking coats and blouses and pants and skirts and all these accessories, right? What are you gonna buy for trashy Barbie, a thong and a lace bra?... It's a trend, being more provocative at a considerably younger and younger age, kids are acting all mature (by mimicking, not becoming though) way earlier nowadays.

    Time are changing, clearly. We're probably way out of our league with toys these days, I mean I feel like an old woman when I look at some of them, you know? lol

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