Jun 18, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the graphic be? Or if you have a tattoo, share a picture and its meaning. - Suggested by Second Run Reviews 

MY ANSWER: Oh I don't know! I have a fear of needles. Like I seriously HATE them! Every time I had to get an IV put in when I was in the hospital, I had a nurse who DUG the needle through the skin on my hand trying to hit the "juicy" vein. Well, those veins never really work for IVs. I have since learned to give them my arm in the corner where there's a nice "juicy" and cooperative vein. The nurse told me she always gets the vein and only has to stick me once...she stuck me once and then DUG, literally dug and dragged the needle around trying to get into the vein! OW!!!

So yeah...me and needles? Uh uh!

But I think if I were to do something bookish I would like an open book with scribbles in it to make up the words and then above the book have in a pretty script: Carpe Librum

That or maybe a cute green worm with glasses reading a book. No words necessary because, duh: bookworm! ;)

That's what I'd get possibly if I didn't have a fear of needles!

**Really ironic, my family and I were just discussing tattoos at dinner this evening before I wrote this post! Kinda funny in a cosmic sort of way! LOL!



  1. You're so right! Here's my FF: http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/2015/06/feature-follow-14-show-off-your-tattoo.html

    Old Follower

  2. That sounds like a terrible experience with needles!

    Something bookish is absolutely what I would go for too :)

  3. Your tattoo ideas sound cute! Thanks for stopping by our blog
    old follower :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  4. I don't have a fear of needles. I donated plasma for 2 years (and now have a permanent scar the size of the needle) and I've donated blood several times. I watch as they put in the needle to make sure they do it right. I had the same issue of someone mis-sticking me and then digging around with the needle with someone drawing blood, so now watching is just habit. BUT I think I will be very nervous when I get my tattoos. How can needles for medical purposes not bother me, but inking up does?

  5. I love the idea of getting a bookish type tattoo!! That's a great idea.

  6. That sounds cute!! I think I definitely need to get a bookish tattoo next!

    Here's my F&F!

  7. That is funny how things like that will happen! I think I would have a quote about reading. My favorite one talks about how you live many lives if you read but if you don't read then you just live this one life. But knowing me I would get bored with it after a couple months or I would find something to whine about involving the tattoo. It's took big of a commitment for me lol. Plus, pain.

    Old Follower :)

    Meredith @ A Book Lover's Corner

  8. Oh that is some experience with needles. But nice ideas for a tattoo! Proud to be a bookworm:)
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Old follower.

  9. Both of those tattoo ideas sound awesome. I especially like the bookworm idea. So cute! :) But no wonder you hate needles if that's been your experience. Not that I like needles, but I haven't had too many awful experiences with them so far. I know tattoo needles barely go into the skin so I'm sure it would be a lot less awful than getting an IV put in.

    My FF!

  10. Oh such a bad experience with needles.
    The tattoo ideas sounds awesome :)


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