Jun 22, 2015

Review--Enduring Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Fighting darkness takes light.

Desperate to save James, Charlotte scours Energo for answers with Calvin and Liam at her side. Kevin and Samantha head to Alaska to find the one item that might destroy Blake, but the search is only the beginning.

As time runs out, Charlotte and Kevin discover that keeping Energo from eternal darkness will take a sacrifice no one expects.

Now that was an ending! Alyssa Rose Ivy's Enduring Light begins with the end. Yeah, in a sense, that's true. We get a short prologue of a major event at the end and I immediately started brewing with ideas and speculations! And naturally, I went back and forth throughout reading this one, but I can say that I was right in the end, with my first initial guess! And it's a bittersweet feeling.

Enduring Light opens up a few weeks later after the events of Perilous Light. And a lot has changed. Charlotte has her mother back, after thinking her dead for years. James is still comatose after risking his life to protect Charlotte. And naturally, there's still an inner debate taking over Charlotte over when it comes to her love for Calvin and her growing love for Liam. Yes, unfortunately, it's a dreaded love triangle. I have to admit, I initially thought we'd hit a love square, as I thought James would play a more prominent role in the scheme of things considering she meets him first. But alas, he was just a friend! Which didn't bother me so much. He always made me laugh and I enjoyed his moments in the books, but sadly, he was AWOL for the duration of this one.

Charlotte and Kevin must once again separate from each other as they work on separate parts to help save the kingdom, country or whatever you want to call Energo from Blake's tyranny. Charlotte must look for a scroll that will aid her in the mission to put an end to Blake while Kevin looks for a magical stone that will also help in the mission.

This time we get even more points of view, besides Charlotte and Kevin, we get Liam and Samantha. No Calvin this time. Which didn't bother me so much. I could never really get behind Calvin and Charlotte's romance. I wanted to, believe me, I did. I want to like the main couple because I know they'll be together for the series. (Though I have read different series where that didn't happen, but those are few and far between) But I guess Charlotte and Calvin just had too much of an insta love connection. And it was almost disturbing. But I get that it was part magical that led to their connection, but again, I just couldn't get behind it! I was totally rooting for James or Liam, even though it seemed James was never a contender for Charlotte's heart.

This one was still quite adventurous. Both Charlotte and Kevin are off on their own perilous journeys and they were exciting ones. So much happened and you're left wondering about certain characters and other situations. The outcomes were a tad slow to reveal, but when they did they were quite surprising.

Things wrapped up nicely in this one. As a series ender that's to be expected (by me at least). I have to say, I was quite happy with it. Though one teeny, tiny thing at the end had me scratching my head, but really it's nothing to write home about! LOL! Just a tiny nuisance that left me wondering, why? Other than that, I really enjoyed this one! I wish I could be moving onto Forged in Stone now, which I was under the impression had connections to this series which brought on my reading this trilogy first. But sadly, I must now move onto some review books, but I will be returning to this world soon. (That is if my impression that the two series are related is true!) Hopefully.

Overall Rating 4/5 stars


  1. Hey - great review! I've never heard of this book or author so thanks for putting them on my radar so I can check them out. Will deff be adding to my TBR :)

  2. Great review! That damn love triangle.... ;)

  3. I have not read this series by her but I love the Pteron series! Glad you liked this one!


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