Jun 29, 2015

Movie Review--Jurassic World

So I took myself to see Jurassic World, finally, the other day! And wow! I was in kindergarten around the time of the first movie. So I didn't watch it right away because you know, scary dinos eating people! SCARY! And the raptors! That kitchen scene still gives me the creeps!!

What I loved about this one, besides Chris Pratt, was that there were many hat tips to the original Jurassic Park. Some things I read about prior to, but it made it more fun to look for them! Like seeing Ian Malcolm's book, seeing the original JP building where they had the raptors chasing the kids in the kitchen and the big scene at the end with T-Rex, and the banner that was up and fell at the end. Plus there was the a statue of John Hammond, the original park owner. And just lots of little things. And apparently the T-Rex in this one, is supposed to be the same one from the first movie. Or so I heard.

I also enjoyed seeing B.D. Wong reprising his role as Henry Wu, just one of the scientists, but he's much more prominent in this movie than the first one. But you know what still befuddles me? What I asked myself constantly during the movie? Why the hell would you want to visit a park with dinosaurs!?! I mean, do they still teach children in school about how freaking scary these things were? I mean why? Seriously, if there was a park today, now, that boasted having dinosaurs--in a world where these movies and original book didn't exist--why would you want to go? It's freaking dangerous and scary! But yeah...apparently the masses want to see dinos!

And the people here are just as bad as good ol' John in the playing God role. They're creating dinosaurs. And even making new breeds of dinos. Though this time, it's more like they have "complete" control over them. Which you can guess how that resulted. When their latest project breaks free it's up to the new team of Jurassic World--for that's the park's name now, Jurassic World is not to be mentioned...yet they still have the original building on the premises. Whatever.

The story follows two brothers, Gray and Zach, as they visit their aunt at Jurassic World. Which is now a fully developed and functioning park. We're talking rides, stores, restaurants, hotels! People will SLEEP on this island with dinos running about! When the latest dino creation gets loose due to being overly intelligent, chaos ensues. Claire and Owen race about trying to find the boys since they were off visiting the park when CODE RED goes live with the dino running loose.

And they realize just how dangerous and smart this new dinosaur is. Guess this will make them rethink the brilliant idea of having dinos in the park. Plus, I want to give Clarie props. She's running around the park, climbing through the jungle and basically RUNNING FOR HER LIFE, all while wearing high heels! You go girl!!

While it may seem I didn't like the movie what with a few complaints. I really did enjoy it! It was awesome and incredible! Filled with lots of action and scary moments. There's romantic tension between Claire and Owen as they once had a fling. Though that really plays no critical role in the story. And I'm not too proud to admit that I flinched more than once during the film. I blame that on the surround sound! LOL! Like those creepy and intense moments where you know SOMETHING is about to happen. So yeah, there was flinching and the looking away! Mostly when the blood was about to spill! 

Jurassic World was a really enjoyable movie! There's whispers about there maybe, possibly, being a sequel. What with how things ended with certain characters. But then, it's like seriously?! More deaths happened and you're going to have another park with more dinos?! Seriously Hammond should have never let these people buy him out or however the acquiring of the park came into the hands of new owners! But those are things you grow to love about the movie because seriously the debates and conversations you can have with people!

Jurassic World is definitely for fans of the original movies, but new fans can take enjoyment from it too. Though now I find myself wondering, what happened to the other island with the B complex? Or otherwise known as Jurassic Park III? That I don't think was really touched on. I guess that can be left for a sequel to Jurassic World! Time will tell!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I had a lot of the same thoughts as you. I wanted MORE Henry Wu though he's much more interesting as a character than the corporate bitch type!

  2. I can't wait to see this, I love Chris Pratt and it just looks epic!

    Great review.

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

  3. I've never seen any of the Jurassic movies. This one looks pretty good based on the trailers I've seen!

  4. I LOVED Jurassic World! I ended up seeing it three times... I agree with a lot of what you have to say. I also though the way the big finale went down was kind of a cheap shot, but hey. It was still awesome!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


    I heard that Chris Pratt was already signed on for a sequel which makes me a bit sad. I want them to wait a while before they start popping out sequels every year. Blah.


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