Jun 18, 2015

Random Thursday

So there's just enough of these little Disney World factoids to get us through June! They're pretty interesting too! I've enjoyed reading them.

I want to credit the author Hilary White again, because yeah, these are pretty much her words! Too hard to try rewriting the fact in my own words and have it still make sense! LOL! Next week I'll share the link with you all if you care to read it!

  • The fountain at Epcot Innoventions Plaza can shoot water 150 feet in the air.-- If all of the "shooters" were set off at the same time, there would be 2,000 gallons of water in the air. 
  • Most cast members at Walt Disney World can tell you where the bathroom is in 14 languages.-- But that doesn't mean that they are fluent.
  • As of Summer 2014, the Magic Kingdom is the world's most popular theme park.-- It's held the No. 1 spot for a few years now, followed closely by Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland.
  • Every holiday season, Walt Disney World resort decorates the parks with 1,500 Christmas trees.
  • The headhunter at the end of the Jungle Cruise is named Trader Sam.
  • The Tree of Life is 14 stories tall.-- It's also a whopping 50 feet wide.
  • There is a secret tunnel system that runs under the Magic Kingdom.-- What many Disney fans assumed was urban legend is actually a proven fact. The tunnels are not underground, however, but ground level — and beneath the Magic Kingdom. Nicknamed "utilidors," the passages are designed so that cast members and service workers can travel from place to place unseen by parkgoers so that the "magic" of the place is not disrupted. 
  • The water tower at Hollywood Studios is known as the Earffel Tower. 


  1. sooo the tunnels are there to make us think these fictional characters just disappear and reappear; That is so awesome. Love your facts. And wow 1500 christmas trees. and 14 languages . I barely know one. :)

  2. These were so cool! Definitely makes me want to go back to Disney World. That's an insane amount of Christmas trees, but I hope to see it one day.
    I have a couple for you as well - If you are near Toy Story characters and you scream, "Andy's coming!", they'll drop. Also, if you're in the Animal Kingdom, on the safari ride, on the bridge where the car gets "stuck", if a person exits the vehicle and falls over the side, the driver is instructed to gun it so the passengers don't see what happens next, basically the alligators tearing through whoever fell.

  3. Love that there are tunnels to keep the magic alive! That would be a heck of a lot of water in the air!


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