Jun 4, 2015

Review--Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Cooper Blake has everything going for him—until he wakes from a car accident with his football career in ruins and a mysterious, attractive girl by his side. Cooper doesn’t know how Samantha got there or why he can see her; all he knows is that she’s a ghost, and the shadows that surround her seem intent on destroying her.

No one from Cooper’s old life would understand what he can barely grasp himself. . . . But Delilah, the captain of the cheerleading squad, has secrets of her own, like her ability to see beyond the physical world, and her tangled history with Brent, a loner from a neighboring school who can hear strangers’ most intimate thoughts. Delilah and Brent know that Cooper is in more trouble than he realizes, and that Samantha may not be as innocent as she has led Cooper to believe. But the only way to figure out where Samantha came from will put them all in more danger than they ever dreamed possible.

Token of Darkness is a chilling, irresistible read about the nature of power--and responsibility. 

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes's Token of Darkness was a one day read. It went by really quick and I'm at a loss to say if this was a good thing or bad thing. While parts of the story were very intriguing, I felt like things were wrapped up too quickly. Once the true problem presented itself, one of the characters basically said "let's do 'x'!" and all is well again. But again, I must say that it was still a good story in general, I just wished the length was more.

It's been months since Cooper's accident that has left him scarred and damaged in more ways than one. Seeing the ghost of a girl his age named, Samantha, has been only one of the new changes. He's gotten used to Samantha hanging around him. She's become almost like a friend in some ways. She longs to be mortal again. Though her memories of when she was alive are vague and practically nonexistent.

When trying to research ways of helping Samantha move on, her meets Brent, a guy his age who is used to weird things and the like. He knows someone who might be able to help with Cooper's ghost problem, because the same person helped him with his own psychic abilities.

Another character, Delilah is also around who has her own set of magical talents. She felt off to me from the getgo. She seemed almost sinister or conniving in ways. Though her character development never really got a chance to shine. She was just there and seemingly bad.

It soon comes into question that Samantha may be something other than a ghost and that's when the story got really interesting and yet, a little confusing too. The revealing of what she is was a tad muddled and I never really grasped the whys and hows of it all. And then there was a half-hearted attempt at connecting two events to one another and explaining how things came to be in the beginning. It was interesting to say the least, but again, I felt like things were too rushed at times. That the whole trying to wrap things up happened so hurriedly to get it all in a neat little bow. And then story itself is still under 200 pages, I couldn't understand the need to rush things through.

Overall it was an okay story. It wasn't the best Amelia has written, I found I really enjoyed her earlier works the most, as that was what spawned my love for vampire stories. This little mishap, naturally won't stop me from reading more of her books either!

Overall Rating 3/5 stars

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  1. This looks so creepy, and it is totally new to me. I like the cover Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am going to add it to my TBR.

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs


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