Aug 22, 2018

90s Book Tag

I saw this post over at Fiction No Chaser and thought it looked like fun! It originated over at The Literary Phoenix! And seriously how cool is this collage picture I found at Bustle?! It depicts the 90s perfectly! Borrowing the gifs from The Literary Phoenix as well because they chose perfect ones!

Pokemon--Gotta Catch em All!

The author you need every book from.

Hmm...well, at this point I guess I will Stephanie Garber! I mean I know we're only two books in but I have to say that I am loving her books so far! There are some authors that i adore and have nearly every book from them, but they sometimes will write a book I can never read, like a contemporary and thus the cycle breaks from me owning all of their books!


Book that connected you with your best friend.

Ooh that's a toughie. Like seriously tough! I guess I'll go with Harry Potter as that one connected me with a lot of my friends growing up.

Book that seemed like a good idea, but was actually a monster.

I had such high expectations for The Devils You Know one and yet it was the most major flop ever. I ended up skimming, like seriously speed skimming the last 1/3 of it.  


Book you hated to say Bye, Bye, Bye to.

Nocturne was such an emotional read for me! I loved it from the getgo. It's basically Beauty and the Beast but make the Beast a vampire! And I LOVED it! Yet the ending...oh god...the ending killed me and I hated that it was the end!

A book everyone loved but you hated.

I won't say I "hated" Throne of Glass but I definitely didn't love it. It just wasn't for me I guess. I didn't see what everyone else was loving about it and I just found it to be very blah.

Oregon Trail

A book that made you wish you died of dysentery.

I don't normally like to bash books in this sense, really it all comes down to is that the book wasn't for me. In this case, I'll use Spider's Bite. I guess it was some of the writing that made me want to pull my hair out. The character said "Mmm" like three times on a page once and I think only one of those "Mmm"s was in regards to food. It was an unnecessary repetition and I felt like it happened too often.


3 books you recommend to anyone, anywhere, no matter what.

I gush about Old Magic in so many Top Ten Tuesdays I feel like that's recommendation enough! Though I know it is probably "dated" as it's from the early 2000s, but it is still one of my most favorite reads ever!

Echoes is one of my more recent pushes because omg this book was incredible! It was creepy, thrilling, and sooooo mysterious!! There needs to be a sequel and I have yet to find confirmation of one, so I keep recommending and pushing this one every chance I get!

Poison Study has long been a favorite read of mine that I recommend in a heartbeat when people talk about fantasy reads! I loved Yelena's character and thought that this series, this entire world series was just incredible!

Dial Up Internet

A book that took FOR FREAKING EVER to read.

It took way too long to read A Court of Mist and Fury and it's basically set the course that I will continue to take too long to read the rest of this series! I read ACOWAR too long ago and I still need to read ACOFAS! But I still love the series...I just try to make time for them where I can give it all my undivided attention!

Kenan Thompson

That book you see referenced everywhere and is in everything, but that's okay because it's awesome.

I guess that would be Harry Potter! It's so iconic and it's fame is well deserved!

Thumbs Up, Seven Up

Book where you peeked just REAL quick at the ending because you don’t like guessing games.

I honestly can't think of a time I did this. It might have more been as a young reader and probably just wanting to know how many more pages it was until the end of the chapter and then I saw something I shouldn't have! I really don't do this anymore because I know I've been spoiled for a book before this way and it kind of ruined it for me! Lol. So yeah, this is sort of a non-answer.


Your ideal bookish snack.

I really try not to eat too much (other than my lunch break) when eating because of the risk of damaging the book itself. But I suppose I'd choose pretzels because they are the least messiest!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

A book that kept you up all night.

That's a bit of a toughie as I can't really remember what book kept me up all night in terms of scariness or just thoughtfulness of its excitement or whatever. But one book that I can recall that literally had me jumping out of my seat because of its creepiness was Dawn Kurtagich's And The Trees Crept In!

Bill Nye the Science Guy

A book that taught you something new.

I really can't remember to be honest, but I guess I will go with The Lantern's Ember by Colleen Houck! I felt like I re-learned some Halloween lore with that one!

And if this tag seemed liked fun to you and you want to join in, consider yourself tagged!




  1. I absolutely love this tag and it took me down memory lane so I'm definitely going to do it.

    I also try not to snack while reading and I agree, I feel like pretzels can be the less messiest. I love chips but this is just a disaster for reading books.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  2. This tag is so great! I love nostalgic stuff :) I feel like I tend to drink more than eat when I read, whether it's tea, soda, hot chocolate, or something else.

  3. Love the gifs that go with this tag. These all bring back memories for me.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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