Aug 17, 2018

Still Searching for a Roommate!

Hey all!! Here's your monthly reminder that I am attending The Origin Event hosted by Jennifer L. Armentrout in Austin, Texas this November! I've got a room booked at the hotel and I am still DESPERATELY trying to find a roommate! I've got a room with two queens and willing to share a room with 1 or 3 other people! Whoever wants to come along really!

I can't believe we're just over 2 months until this event and I feel like I've been searching all year for a roommate...and I pretty much have been! Lol! So if you're wanting to stay at the event hotel and split cost of two nights stay at the hotel, shoot me an email! You'll find that in my review policy tab up top!

If you or someone you know is going and wants to stay at the hotel, be sure to direct them here! I'm really the perfect roommate! You can even ask my friend Nikki at Take Me Away... as we were roomies for BEA back in 2016!

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