Aug 1, 2018

Let's Discuss: Summer Reading vs Fall Reading

Well, I'm hitting up the back-to-school topics and it's not even September! Although it does seem schools start in August more and more. At least in my neck of the woods. Does anyone else remember when school tended to start AFTER Labor Day? I feel like that was that way of things when I was in elementary school but by middle we jumped to August! Though it was nicer to get out right at the beginning of June vs the middle!

Did/Does "Back to School" Time Have an Effect on Your Reading?

Since I'm done with school, I can honestly say that back-to-school time did effect my reading, in that I read less when it was school time. School always kept you busy with homework, papers, reports, and studying, add in working part-time as well and yeah...there was very little time to read.

When it was summer, I basically stayed home and read all day! Unless I was working too. But those middle school days when I didn't work, I basically read all day! There were times when I got to go somewhere if I had a ride or whatnot, but yeah, summer was all about reading! I don't think it ever took long for me to get my 600 minutes in for my Six Flags ticket! Do they still do that even? I know my niece did something similar to the program a year or so ago.

I liked that school and Six Flags arranged that! I really think kids need to be encouraged to read more. I mean when I people watch these days, it saddening to see soooo many kids playing on their cell phones. And I mean THEIR cell phones because if parents had those outlandish colored cases and whatnot, just wow. I mean sure, I know that it's possible the phone might actually be the parent's and it's not all the time that I see one that clearly belongs to someone much younger, but still. SOOOO many kids are playing on cell pones. When I was 7 or 8 I was drawing on my kid's menu waiting for the food to come. I was probably more in 4th grade when I got my first Gameboy! And even then, THAT stayed at home because it was sooo expensive!

So I think I answered that question in a roundabout way! But what about you guys? What's your opinion on having it be required that students read a book throughout school that was not required reading? Good idea, bad idea? What are your thoughts?


  1. School still starts after Labor Day in Minnesota. I think it's a State law. This will be the second year of not going back to school. I remember that I used to read more but it has more to do with spending more time on the computer than it does with a school schedule. I need my computer to be out of arms reach if I want to concentrate on reading. I think kids should be encouraged to read year round. I like some of the incentive programs which encourage them to read.

  2. i dont remember much from my school days as a kid. I think I just liked reading and read when i could. Now when I was in college. I didn't read at all during the school days. Even when I was done with my schoolwork and required reading, I just couldn't pick up more to read. SO glad that is over. Now I just read all the time. Literally all the time.

  3. I think that it would be a fantastic idea that kids/students be required to read a book for the sole purpose of actually reading book, throughout school apart from what they're assigned to read. I'm kind of like you, in the vein that I think kids are being given expensive phones and tablets, iPads, and whatnot way to early in life and they've been sat in front of the television or given some sort of video game distraction that it takes the fun out of being a kid or the wonder and excitement of discovering a whole new world through books.

    I know, for me personally, as a college student I start Fall semester in the middle of this month I won't be reading quite as much over the next few months as I was/am able to read over the summer. That's kind of a bummer to me, but I understand that I'm going to have less time to devote to that, because of having to study, write paper's, work, and be full-time caregiver for my grandmother. I'm not complaining, because it is a commitment that I am making definitely, but I do agree with you.

    Suz @ Bookish Revelations

  4. I don't specifically remember if I read more or less during the school year, but I probably did read more in the summer. I agree that there's no harm in making kids read a book of choice. It's extra encouragement some of them need.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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