Aug 8, 2018

Let's Discuss: Three Bookish Wishes

Last week I saw at Cornerfolds this fun little post about three bookish wishes! And I thought it looked like fun and decided I wanted to do it too! In tradition of Aladdin, if you had a bookish genie appear to grant you three wishes (and there's no need to use your third one to set the genie free because this one isn't a slave to the lamp. Yes, I am pretty much making this up too! LOL!), what would they be?

Three Bookish Wishes

#1: Exist and function in this life without the need to sleep!

So yeah, I basically want to be able to forgo sleep! Think of all the reading I could get done if I didn't have to spend 8 hours sleeping every night? More or less...depends on when I actually fall asleep! Lol! I would still like to read the books in the way I do and everything so I figure if I didn't need to sleep I'd likely get a lot more read!

#2: The ability to teleport/apparate anywhere in the world!

Think of all the bookish events I could attend and NOT have to drive hours upon hours to get there! I'd still go about registering the proper way. And needless to say that as long as I am holding onto a bag (or suitcase's worth) of books, those would come with me too! Can't attend signings without my books!

#3: Be granted any ARC I request!

What blogger wouldn't love this?! I feel like I don't request ARCs that much. I have soooo many books to read as it is. But there are times that there are ARCs I seriously, seriously want and would do anything to obtain! Be they digital or physical. Generally I am fine with digital ARCs because I buy the books 95% of the time anyway! But it'd be nice to get the ARC that I so desperate want when I desperately want it! Lol.


  1. Your three wishes are perfect! Teleport would be so useful. And I would love not having to sleep - all the books and all the pages I would write if I didn't have to sleep. =P

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  2. Teleportation would be mighty nice. I just got tickets for an event in Milwaukee (Kendare Blake), and it's a bit of a drive---but you win the award for long drives for book events! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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