Aug 3, 2018

Let's Discuss: 2019 Books

So this idea literally popped up in my head just as I was wrapping up another one! We're on the brink of entering Fall, which means, it's practically Christmas and then omg it's 2019! That got me thinking on the new year and all the new books that are coming out that we already know of. And I wondered...has anyone else already pre-ordered 2019 books?

2019 Books

I have a little over 30 books written up for 2019! Only a select few don't have release dates last I checked. And while it seems so far away, I have found that I've already pre-ordered a few! Omg, what is wrong with me? Lol!

I can't recall why I pre-ordered some already. Probably because the price was decent and Amazon is acting wonky this year with their book prices. Since it's been said that they don't care about their book sales, that they don't look at their book sales, I guess they don't care if they discount them anymore! I've looked at a few already and the price hasn't changed at all. Full price and I can easily buy them somewhere more convenient come release day for that same price or possibly less, I just have to wait. And not pre-order which does sadden me because I know pre-orders do wonderful things for authors.

As it stands, out of the 30 or so books that I've put on my book list for next year, I've already ordered 3 books. It doesn't sound like much, but look at it this way. It's August 3, 2018 and I've ordered three books that won't release until 2019!

What I ordered already is The Wicked King releasing January 8, King of Scars releasing January 29 and Aurora Rising releasing April 30. Of course I still need to order the Barnes and Noble edition of The Wicked King, but I might possibly wait to do that with GCR, I haven't decided just yet1 Lol!

So has anyone else started planning ahead? Please tell me one of you has ordered at least one 2019 book! Let me know that I am not alone! Lol!


  1. Jess I love supporting Authors but I am subscribing to book boxes so don't want to double up, plus the ones we get for reviews from publishers.

  2. Think about your preordering this way: 3 out of 30 is 10% which is awesome support and I bet you're not done if I know you. I'm going to check out the list and see which books I need in 2019.

  3. Girlll you are way ahead of the game. Haha. I need to get better at preordering.

  4. I've got a list going of 2019 releases. I've only pre-ordered one, but thats because I have only 2 authors I pre-order their books for other then that I wait until a sale comes along or I find them discounted at a store or at my library book store. I've sound some great books at my library. ^_^ So I'm not big on pre-ordering, but I do keep track of all those new release coming.


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