Oct 11, 2012

Calling Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

I saw this on Yahoo today and was nearly drooling! I sooooo want my house to look like this in every room! Check out the pictures:

The Bedroom

The entryway

I'm calling it the study! Love the window wall too!

Literary spiral staircase, we'll say this leads to the upstairs bedroom from above!

Wall of books--this will be the living room!

Stair bookcase--another stairway to the upstairs!

Wall built-in bookshelves--just a corner somewhere in the house, not sure which one yet!

And naturally, a girl has gotta have a library in her house!

Now if only I could get the show to build me my dream house somewhere! Preferably in Grafton, WI where my aunt lives because I love that city since Ceaderburg is nearby!

To see the article from Yahoo click here.


  1. Drooling right along with you.


  2. My God!! How I would like to have one of those bookshelves in my house!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. Wauw... I wish I could do that to my home!

  4. I would love to live in any of these houses!

  5. Oh man, DROOLING! We're doing some remodeling and it's been in the plan to build in some shelves but since there's so much to do we'll see when that gets done. But none of them would be on the epic size of these! Actually, once my kids are older and we have less toys it might be possible...


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