Oct 20, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Books You Would Love to Get Signed by the Author!

*in no particular order

OOoh this is kind of fun since I already have so many signed by authors! There are still some I would love to meet! So I am going to go by the author that I want to meet and then, you know, get all the books that I have from them signed!


I loooooove Kalayna's books! Her novels of Haven series is freaking amazing! Still waiting for the third one which has been pushed back to January. And her new Alex Craft series is just as awesome!! Would love to meet her in real life!


I've read a lot of Lilith/Lili's books too! Would love to meet her one of these days! But apparently, according to her last Dame post, she's pretty introvert! Then again, so am I! Loved her YA books and her adult ones!


She was one of my FAVORITE authors when I first began reading YA when I was actually a young teen! I would spend forever searching for paranormal themed books and then I stumbled upon hers! Teens who can wield magic and time travel! She lives in Australia, and I would love to meet her! She just overcame huge battles with cancer and her next release is only months away! Yay!!


I loooove Erin's books! They are so incredibly awesome! They have such strong fairy tale like elements, her books are always a joy to read! They don't represent clear fairy tales, they just have that aspect that truly feels magical without being explicitly about magic! Although magic does tend to be involved, just not in the Harry Potter sense!


Le sigh...who doesn't want to meet this fabulous author?! I was soooo close, too! She was originally going to attend RT 2012, but due to writing constraints she had to pass. Oh well. Would still LOVE to meet this incredible author!



Okay, I am cheating this week. But remember, I did play by the rules in Teaser Tuesday, I'm entitled to a cheat this week! And here it is! I loooooooooooooove Gena Showalter's YA books! I haven't read her adult ones, but her Intertwined series is freaking incredible!! I love it to the nth degree! I loooove the characters, the storyline, everything! I am currently dying in agony--still--over the last one's ending. The fourth one, which I thought was to release next year--looks like it's not anymore--still has no info yet and I really cannot wait to read it! Her newest YA series with Alice was awesomesauce too! But her Intertwined series is what really stole my heart! It kicked serious ass too! Would love love love to meet this incredible lady, too!


  1. Great question! LILITH SAINTCROW is awesome. I love her books. :)

  2. SOOO many authors I love are on here! Lilith, Gena, Karen! I LOVE their books so much. They have a very unique ability of drawing people in with their stories. I would love to meet them too! :D

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, Jessica! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair


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