Oct 11, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay, today I thought I talk about something that has brought up many a debate over the years. Well, not really. But it totally should!

Tinkerbell: Fairy or Pixie?

Seriously? Which is it? She's a fairy now since Disney has the whole franchise of Disney's Fairies--so looking forward to the next movie in a few weeks, although I am behind, haven't watched Pocahontas or Cinderella yet, bought them for sure, but haven't watched them yet.

We have the whole phrase: "All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust". So then why is Tink referred to as a fairy? It doesn't make sense to me! 

Sure I guess in 53 they weren't expecting Tinkerbell to take off like she did, but nowadays I am left confused. I could've sworn they called Tink a pixie in Peter Pan. Then in the sequel--which wasn't too bad as far as Disney sequels go--she is called a fairy since Jane shouts "I don't believe in fairies!"

But here were are nearly 60 years later and I still don't know what Tink is supposed to be anymore! Obviously we've settled on fairy, but there was that short time when she was pixie.

*   *   *   *   *

And oooh, before I forget, next year's vault releases will be Peter Pan--60th Anniversary edition slash Diamond, not sure what they'll call it really, but next year is Peter's 60th anniversary! Holy Cow! That releases in Spring, possibly close to its February initial release. I think it was the 5th or 6th. Disney Days calendars are gone now and are replaced with Disney week. :P So didn't like that.

Moving on, the fall vault release will be The Little Mermaid! 

I already have both on DVD, but I might decide to upgrade to Blueray since that's what they'll be released as along side DVD. But I just feel like I need to have these more special editions!


  1. I know in Peter Pan she is called a Pixie, But I have three girls that will tell you right off she is a fairy that lives in Pixie Hollow. You have really got me wondering what Disney considers her. I just sent Disney help an email and asked them with a link to your post. I have know idea if we'll get an answer but it is worth a shot. Great thought of the day, Jessica!

  2. ok so my thoughts on the Tink issue... I think before YA books and paranormal books really took off not many people knew fairies and pixies were different. I mean its pretty obvious to me, she's tiny, she has pixie dust, she is a pixie. But I am no expert.

    my thougths on the rereleases, it sucks. I know that when Finding Nemo comes out on blu-ray, I will get it, I am not sure if it has released in blu-ray yet but I don't think it has. Anyways. I get my favs on Blu-ray after getting them on DVD after originally having some of them on VHS. Really can we stop coming out new technology, its breaking me.

    ok so now I am just blabbing. Great thoughts for a post!

  3. when I read this I pictured you as my sister who has EVERY Disney (regular and special Editions DVD) of every Disney movie(almost)!!!
    This is a great compliment because my sister is my best friend and a great person!!!

    As far as the Pixie-vs-fairy debate... I think she is a Pixie... and Disney just switched it to Fairy to make it more marketable... or something.

  4. I didn't realize Tink was called two different things!! Now my mind is blown!


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