Oct 2, 2012

Releasing from the Vault...


It's not one of my fave-favorites, but I will still get a copy! Cinderella is releasing from the vault people! Now is the time to act because eventually in some odd months she's going back into the vault for another decade or two! 

I love Disney as you all may know, and I HATE that vault! Still waiting for them to release Mulan! I really want to have that one on DVD. I think mostly because I am like OCD and want all my fave Disney movies on DVD since that is the current method of watching movies these days. Tried of VHS, so I want a DVD! I already got Pocahontas this year and that wasn't like a Diamond or Anniversary release, it was just a special release! Goodies! Yay!

Also this DVD will come with the super awesome short Tangled Ever After! Watched this on Disney channel and it is hilarious! If you loved Maximus (and who doesn't?!) and Pascal, then you will love this! They were in charge of holding the rings for Rapunzel and Eugene but when there's a mild mishap, the rings start bouncing and rolling all over town, so it's up to Max and Pascal to save the day before the priest asks for the rings!

That alone is enough to make me want to buy Cinderella! But yeah, still would like to have this movie even if I don't count it in my Top 5 Disney movies, but still. It's a classic and I want it!


  1. i just saw Tangled Ever After a few days ago...and i just couldn't stop laughing the hilarity of the situation with the wedding rings.....oh i wanna see if they do something with the wedding cake as well or not.

    Le' Grande Codex

  2. I knew you would mention this!! I love Cinderella. My favorite princess and Disney movie!!!!!


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