Oct 9, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Here are the rules:
1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc.
Totally loving this book so far!! It's a lot of fun and there are a lot of laughs! As to be expected by all the fab reviews I read! And I love Katy the book blogger and seeing her write all her weekly memes that we all do! Kudos to Jennifer for this!!

"Okay. That was it. 'You know, you're right. How wrong of me to call you a douchebag. Because a douchebag is too nice a word for you,' I said smiling sweetly. 'You're a dickhead.'" p 7 (from my Kindle, and it's the older edition with the first cover, not sure if that makes a difference!)

TITLE: Obsidian
AUTHOR: Jennifer L. Armentrout

PUBLISHER: Entangled Publishing
GENRE: Paranormal YA
RELEASE DATE: November 29, 2011


  1. Awesome pick for the tease! I just read this series too - LOVE!!! So glad you're enjoying!

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

    ~Gin @ Addicted to Words

  2. I remember thinking the same thing about him. LOL

  3. Great Teaser!

    Here's my Teaser Tuesday !

    Catarina @Reading and Things

  4. She's definitely telling him what she thinks! Sounds like there's a strong heroine in this story. My teaser is from CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE SLUT.

  5. Awesome teaser that I can hear myself saying! Thanks for visiting me this week and I wish you lots of great reading!

    The Scarf Princess

  6. Great teaser! I haven't heard of this book but it sounds like a book I might like.

  7. Glad to hear your enjoying it hope you continue to like it. Great choice of teaser :)

  8. Love this book! And the brickering only gets better!


  9. I still haven't started this series. Hope to soon.
    Great teaser choice!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  10. I LOVE this series! Great choice! :)

  11. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This is my all time favorite series! Love this teaser so much and I sincerely hope you enjoy the fabulousness that is this book!

  12. LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE THAT TEASER SOOO MUCH!!! I just love this series, this author, Daemon....I love everything about this book! *going crazy* You're teaser is making me want to read the book all over again! LOL ;p Fantastic teaser. Hope you enjoy Obsidian as much as I did! And thanks for stopping by My TT! 

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  13. I should really start this series!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Oh, I remember that line from when I read Obsidian! I hope you're enjoying the book and Daemon. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my Teaser Tuesday!



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