Oct 28, 2012

Graphic Novel Review--Otherworld Primer by Kelley Armstrong & more

Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld "Primer". Graphic Novella. Written by Kelley Armstrong. Art by Jorge Correa Jr. Cover and concept design by Brett Booth. Edited by Derek Ruiz. This graphic novella serves as an introduction to the Otherworld featured in Kelley's novels, and is narrated by Savannah Levine.

Okay so I knocked another graphic novel out, a new one too! This was actually a very very quick read because it wasn't really graphic novel length, being called a "primer" and all! Lots of people went into bringing Kelley Armstrong's Otherword to life with the Otherworld Primer, most of who are listed in the little description paragraph above. Also involved were  Dave Lanphear and Les Dabel who were in charge of lettering and production. Then consultation was provided by Ernst Dabel and Les Dabel.

Savannah Levine narrates this one and basically introduces us to all the characters in the Otherworld series, main characters such as her parents; Eve and Kris, Paige, Lucas, Jeremy, Hope, Adam, Jamie, Elena and Clay. Karl didn't get an intro unfortunately, and while Cass and Aaron were there, they were never really introduced by name either, then again they didn't get their own novel so maybe that played a part in that little decision.

This is absolutely perfect for the newbie to Kelley's Otherworld series, you get the nit and gritty of who these women are and what they do. No overly long back-stories or any that kind of thing. Having read the series, I know these characters but it's always fun to return to their world in some format!

Sadly, this was done in all back and white, which while it looked nice, I couldn't help but long for color! I think colors would have done the primer extreme justice! But again, I see this as a small little intro guide, so going to the extravagants may not have been in the budget.

Still a nice little quick read!

Overall rating 4/5 stars

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