Oct 25, 2012

Random Thursday

We are just days away from Halloween! I love Halloween! It's like the only time of year people decide to think that vampires and witches and werewolves and ghosts are all cool! It can be a tad annoying at that point, but still, I enjoy all the Halloween themed items that are always out and about!

One of my favorite Halloween candies that I used to eat but no longer exists was the Candy Corn Hershey Kisses!

These were to die for! They were soooo good! It was like candy corn flavored white chocolate or something. They were just awesome! I think they had them for like 3-4 years or a tiny bit longer than they just stopped! And I was devastated!

Although this year, Oreo did come out with that Golden Oreo with the candy corn flavored cream! That was pretty good. Not the same, but I can't even find that at Target stores anymore! I think they didn't anticipate it being so popular and then didn't make enough!

Then the other candy corn flavored treat that came out this year was the candy corn flavored M&Ms! I loooved the white chocolate ones that they had at Easter and I thought that these would be them but in "candy corn" colors! I was wrong. The M&M white chocolate has a bit of candy corn flavor to it! They are really good!

But alas I still miss my candy corn kiss.

Brach's pumpkins were always really good too! Love those more than the original candy corn! Weird, right?

So what were or are some of your favorite "Halloween" candies?


  1. My favorite Halloween Candy are those silly orange circus peanuts that everyone doesn't like, I love them and your post made me hungry. Also I think Vampires are cool all YEAR!!! LOL and werewolfs and ghost...:)

  2. now i want CANDY!!! I never had a hershey kiss candy corn..so sad :( I love the Brach's pumpkins too :)


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