Mar 10, 2017

ARC Review--Torn by Alyssa Rose Ivy


Two powerful shifters: one of feathers and one of flame.

Hailey is torn. Everything she thought she knew about her life has been turned on its head, and she no longer knows where she belongs. Losing her job and possibly her best friend makes her desperate—as does the reality that everything she loves might be destroyed.

Wyatt wants one thing more than anything else. Hailey. He has waited centuries to find his mate, and he will let nothing, not even an unimaginable evil, get in his way.

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

I interrupt my Beauty and the Beast readathon for a review book that I was quick to devour!! Alyssa Ivy Rose the author behind the phenomenal Chronicles world series--not sure what to really call this since all the series are titled differently but all take place in this same world--begins Hailey's story with Torn! It's been awhile since I finished up Owen's story but I was quickly caught up to speed on what happened with him and essentially Hailey! And wow!! Just wow!!!

So Hailey had one incredible night with the Drago named Wyatt. Ever since then, it seems, her life has been in a funk. She's just kind of rolling through the motions. She was the one to leave Wyatt that night, mostly because she was scared of what it might mean. Hailey is a fiercely independent young woman and I love that about her. But as Hailey will learn, being independent doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Wyatt is a Drago who knows what he wants in life and that is to be with his mate, Hailey. He just needs to win her back, which isn't going to be as easy at that. But Wyatt is a very patient young man, and I admit, I totally swooned over him! The best thing about Alyssa's guys in this series at large is that they are the ultimate definition of SWOONWORTHY!

But romance is far from Hailey's problems as she is to act as a stand-in for Allie at a sort of paranormal women's conference! Basically where the paranormal women will gather and talk about the paranormal world at large and their growing role in it. But naturally, things get a little...crazy! To start, Wyatt is the Drago representative and has invited himself to stay in the same house as Hailey. And Hailey isn't exactly wanting to rekindle any kind of relationship with him...yet, because obviously these two are going to work something out! LOL!

Then the speech that Hailey was told to read gets a little revision from Hailey herself and it's not long before she finds herself on a "voluntary" leave of absence as Allie's assistant. It seems to be a running theme in her family. And then Cade, whom I could just barely remember, asks for their help in infiltrating a group of sorts that may be planning something nefarious in regards to the Society and its rulers, namely Levi and Allie. Wanting to protect her friends at whatever the cost, Hailey agrees and Wyatt does too, namely to protect Hailey.

What I really liked about Hailey and Wyatt is how easy they seem to role into a relationship. Hailey is basically expecting him to be all macho and overprotective, but Wyatt knows that Hailey is capable of taking care of herself. While he does still have a protective streak to him, it's more...contained, I guess you could say! It's hard to really verbalize what I'm trying to say, but all you really need to know is that I loved their relationship. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details of their past connection, as it's been eons (i.e. wayyyy too many books) since I last read Love, which is when they likely made said connection or close to it! Lol! The problems of a book nerd run deep!

And like all of Alyssa's romances in this long running (and totally amazing) series, it's HOT! I love how intense the relationships run. These paranormals take romance seriously and they love truly and deeply, and the romantic in me gets all sappy and mushy over these romances!

There's quite a mystery running within this one! It's so early in the series though, so it's hard to say what might happen or not. But let's just say there's something fishy going on around here! And I also loved the added cameo from a particular Dire I was rather fond of! Plus we get to meet some new characters as well as seeing a few other familiar faces! It's definitely shaping up to be one killer series!! Plus, it's Hailey after all! She's always been a favorite of mine ever since the first Flight Chronicles took off! I can't wait to see what her Happy Ending will entail!

As always, you can easily pick this one up and not have to know what happened previously. This is Hailey's story after all. But it will spoil other character's HEA endings for you. So really, your best best is to binge read the previous series at large and prepare yourself for an entirely delightful and incredible set of adventures!! And these are amazing awesome reads, I think for the most part all these books have been a one day read! And since the lot of you seem to read wayyyy faster than I ever could (LOL!) I'm sure you can get caught up in 2-3 days! They are all incredibly fast paced reads that you don't want to put down, unless life demands it of you and then you know, you have to listen, regretfully!

So please do yourself the greatest kindness ever and read this series! Read ALL the series!! Because they've all been truly awesome and I have loved every moment of every single one of them! And of course there's that added pleasure that comes from binge reading: no waiting for the next one!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



  1. I have never heard of this series, but I will try to read them now! What a great review. You make me want to read this series!


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