Mar 20, 2017

Discussion Post Challenge: Fact or Fiction?

It's been awhile since I did one of these! I was on a role earlier this month! What happened?! I ran out of good ideas apparently! LOL! So I hit the list Feed Your Fiction Addiction has up and selected:

Fact or Fiction? 

I saw this post that basically asks what I read, fiction or nonfiction, or both even! And my answer is strictly fiction! I've always read to escape! Escape reality and all the harshness and sometimes boringness that it contains. So reading a nonfiction book kind of defeats the purpose of doing that. Which in a twisted way is why I never read contemporary books anymore! They're too "real". Like this event could really happen to someone, even if it seems a little "much" or too dramatic. I mean I did read contemporary YA in my teens, mostly because there wasn't always a paranormal or fantasy to read.

Although ironically, I have picked up two autobiographies of sort, from signings I attended in the past two years! One is the making of the Princess Bride as told by Cary Elwes! I mean, I HAD to meet him! And if I had to buy the book to do that, than damn straight am I buying it! And since I ADORE that movie I might even read it some day! LOL!

The second autobiography I bought was Felicia Day's! She came to Anderson's one Saturday last year and since I LOOOOOOVE Supernatural with a passion I decided I would attend that one too! And since her character was just awesome and the title of her book was so fun and unique, I figure maybe one day I will read that too!

So yeah, my eyes are looking in the wrong direction! There were two cameras going off and I was all befuddled for a bit because FELICIA DAY!! And I thought maybe I was supposed to look at both cameras. Well turns out I looked at the other camera when mine went off! LOL! Oh well! 

Basically I don't normally ever read nonfiction books, but I have decided at some point I might be making an exception for these two. Come to think of it...I do have the making of Beauty and the Beast and the evolution of Tinkerbell that I want to read too...guess I'm more willing to break my rule of escapism than I thought!


  1. Ahhh! I would've loved meeting BOTH of them and of course you had to buy the books LOL. I'm a fiction reader too and like you said, it's about escaping so I don't want to read anything that could actually happen to me.

  2. I generally don't read autobiographies, but Felicia's is one that I will eventually buy. I've loved her ever since she was a potential slayer on Buffy!!

  3. I picked up Romeo Dallaire's "Shake Hands with the Devil" after hearing how great it was. I only made it a few chapters before setting it down. I'm sure it's a very exciting autobiography, but I just can't do it! Give me fiction any day!

    So jealous you got to meet Cary Elwes! I'd have bought whatever I needed to too, to get a chance to meet him! Haha

  4. Haha, I would also buy a biography if it meant I'd get to meet Cary Ewles! I love that movie too, and the Princess Bride book. And that Making Of book sounds like it could be interesting!

  5. I LOVE Felicia Day and I'm so jealous you were able to meet her! I agree though, I definitely read to escape. There are some nonfic subjects I'm very interested in but I have to be in a certain mood to read them. Great post!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  6. I pretty much never read non-fiction either, though I did recently read a memoir---but it was written pretty much like a fiction book, so ...

    I DO like the idea of books that are BASED on a true story, though.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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