Mar 1, 2017

Discussion Post: Childhood Memories

It was as I was writing my first Discussion post for earlier this week that I remembered another little dooditty that I felt like chatting about! I was scrolling on twitter last week, like I am wont to do...and I saw this tweet with a video clip that was totally nostalgic!

A long time ago, Universal Studios in Orlando had Jaws the Ride!! And as you all might know Jaws is one of my most favorite movies!! And when I came to Universal Studios for the first time, I think I had to be in kindergarten or first grade I think? I was soooo excited to ride the ride!

But yet, I remember as I sat on the edge, I was TERRIFIED that Jaws would pop up right by me! I remember hiding behind my hands for most of it! I know my mom and sister thought it was funny and looking back on it, it kinda was! 

I think the problem was that I was a child who pretty much believed in everything! I had a highly active imagination. I knew that the shark in the movie was fake (for the most part anyway as there was footage of real sharks in it when Bruce was being difficult!). So I don't know if my mind still twisted it that the shark might eat me. Because yeah, that mechanical shark ate people! LOL! And we were trapped/sitting on a boat on the water with "a killer shark" lurking nearby!

I mean I still felt the flinchy thrills and chills while I watched the video. Actually tensing up waiting to see where Jaws would pop up! I did get to ride the ride a second time in 2003 for the last time as I learned later on that they removed the ride, every so tragically! I mean this was a CLASSIC! Despite my fear of it! LOL! That last time I didn't really close my eyes and flinch like crazy! Lol! Again, I was a child who had an active imagination! 

Watching this video, which apparently is a tribute video, was actually pretty fun! It did bring up some great memories. Mostly laughs at my younger self! Though with my visit to Universal last year, I was actually really surprised that Jaws was still hanging by "the docks" for photo opps! In a way I was happy because I got to take another picture, but then I was still sad because the ride is gone! 

I am already itching to go back to Universal Studios, preferably in the off season where it's not hot and crazy crowded! Plus the next time I want to get me a wand from Ollivanders and practice my spells around the park!



  1. When I was little at Universal I was SO AFRAID of that ride. I never did get a chance to ride it because it was down. I have also never seen Jaws. Did you ever ride the Twister ride?

  2. This is so funny! I could totally see myself being terrified of something like that when I was a kid. Sadly, I never rode the Jaws ride, so I guess I missed out. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. Hahaha! I remember going to Disney World and riding one of the rides that's supposed to be really scary (I totally forget which one), and I was TERRIFIED. I was like, 10, or something. And they strap you in then put you in this dark room with a bunch of sensory things: sounds of a monster, air blowing on your neck in breathing patterns, warm water flicked at you like a monster's saliva, shaking chairs with footsteps. The works. I don't think I slept for a week! I, like you, tended to believe that everything was REAL, no matter how much I rationalized that they would never put lives in danger on a ride that thousands of people have been on.

    ~ Michelle @ FaerieFits

  4. I think I remember that ride... I went to Universal as a child. But since I hadn't seen the movie JAWS at that point, I don't know if it made the same impact on me. In fact... I don't know if I ever seen the whole movie. LOL! Wow, that's probably something I should fix. I'm just not a scary movie person.

  5. I love DisneyWorld and Universal! I was just there about a month ago, and it was awesome. Doing the spells around the park with my wand was so much fun! Too bad they don't have the Jaws ride anymore, but the Jurassic Park one still scares the s**t out of me XD Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  6. We rode that ride. Probably in 2003 and scared my daughter to death (she would have been not quite 3).

  7. I was also so afraid of this ride as a kid, haha. Like, I knew the sharks in the water were fake, but I was still scared anyway! It is kinda sad it's no longer there, I got total nostalgia watching this video lol. They also used to have that old King Kong ride. Those are the two I always think of when I think of Universal and my childhood!


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