Mar 9, 2017

Random Thursday

So a quick little break from both books! This picture came up on my Disney Desk Calendar and it got my brain rolling on its on theories!

I know it's from the side, but doesn't she sort of look like Wendy Darling?

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
It's probably nothing really, but I created my own Disney theory that Darling is Wendy Darling, before her hubby goes off to war. I don't even think Lady and Tramp happened in London but as I said, I was likely addled so early in the morning, but when I saw this on my calendar and was looking at her profile I thought of Wendy. And they do have a name in common! Perhaps Jim Dear calls her that as a nickname! LOL!

But it was just something that I thought was interesting, though it likely holds no factual value as far as Disney theories go! LOL!


  1. Hm... could be. Sounds like there could be a retelling story in there - weaving Peter Pan and The Lady and Tramp together??

  2. Darling's bow reminds me of Ariel's!

  3. I never noticed this before, what a cool theory!! XD Who knows, you might be the first person in the world who discovered this secret link :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  4. Interesting theory. They do look a bit similar.


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