Mar 25, 2017


Time to announce the winner of their choice of any Beauty and the Beast retelling/inspired tale book!! And the lucky winner is...


Congrats Laura!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! This was positively one of my most favorite contests, other than my Halloween one, to do! I am so happy to bring to you guys a selection of Beauty and the Beast retellings! I'll hope you'll check a few of these out when your TBR piles allow it!


  1. I've already added "Lost in a book" to my TBR =D I loved reading about so many retellings of this beautiful story! Thanks for that and for the giveaway, Jessica!
    And congratulations to the lucky winner!! :)

  2. Omg! Jessica I am so excited to win!!!!!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! I just love your blog and follow you on Goodreads. You are great!!

    1. You're welcome! Just be sure to respond to my email so I can order your book!

  3. YES! My sister was the winner... I'm so excited that she won.


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